PIPE BOMBS Sent To Clinton’s, Obama’s And CNN’s Head Quarters – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on October 24, 2018

Crazy days in politics: Earlier this month, Ricin was mailed to Republicans. This week, pipe bombs have been sent to Democrats.

Have people forgotten that the whole point of elections was so that we could have the periodic non-violent overthrow of leaders and ideas the public doesn’t approve of?

We have some harsh things to say about the Democrats, but the way to deal with such disagreements is the polls and (where applicable) a court of law.

All of that SHOULD go without saying.

And until not so long ago, it did. That was before all hell broke loose in the last decade or so.

Both the President and the VP did the right thing by condemning these gutless attacks.

Fortunately, none of these devices have exploded, even though they are said to have been viable, in at least some instances.

Multiple suspected explosive devices have been found in the mail addressed to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and CNN’s New York newsroom – as investigators probe whether the ‘similar’ packages are the work of the same anti-liberal serial bomber.

Secret Service agents revealed on Wednesday they had intercepted two suspicious packages en route to former President Obama’s Washington D.C. home and Hillary and Bill Clinton’s property in Chappaqua, New York.

A short time later, a police bomb squad was sent to CNN’s offices in New York City and the newsroom was evacuated because of a suspicious package.

The package containing a ‘functional explosive device’ that was addressed to Clinton was found late Tuesday, while another package addressed to Obama was found early Wednesday.

A law enforcement official told the New York Times that all three devices were similar to the small bomb found at liberal billionaire donor George Soros’ New York home on Monday.

They are investigating if the devices were sent by the same person.
Source: DailyMail

Affected locations so far, besides George Soros, yesterday.

Time Warner (CNN)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Obama and the Clintons.

There are early unconfirmed reports that Eric Holder was also a target.

The Democrats on Twitter are wasting no time condemning Trump and the Republicans for being complicit, ‘violent’ and ‘bombers’.

We’ve seen too many hoax accusations against Trump and Trump supporters get walked back once the facts become clear to rush to any such judgment in this case.

Just like the recent Ricin attacks were one guy and not all Democrats generally, we suspect there will be a similar explanation for these bombs.

Who knows? We might discover he isn’t even on the political right. Stranger things have happened.

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