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Question: Should Trump Arrest Antifa Members?

If they’re BEHAVING like a domestic terrorist group, using aggressive and violent tactics, shouldn’t they be treated like one?

They boldly march with signs that declare, ‘the only good fascist is a dead one’.

That’s a threat of violence.

And they have a LOT of latitude for just who they think they have a right to attack as ‘fascist’.

So much latitude, in fact, that when one of their own had his mask removed in a march, he was pepper sprayed and clubbed in the head with a skateboard by members of his own group.

That may have been one of those rare occasions when an ‘antifa’ activist attacked an actual totalitarian at these events.

For anyone dumb enough to be sympathetic to these goons, we’ll spell it out with small words.

Antifa themselves are the true fascists, using jackboot tactics straight out of the Brownshirt playbook.

As such, they need to be treated, not as lawful protesters, but as lawless instigators of violence and riots.

And that’s the argument Michael Savage was making while promoting his book.

He then called for the Department of Homeland Security to “round up the leadership and arrest them,” adding, “what else do you do, wait for them to kill people?”

Savage warned that the left are “in a revolution” and would continue to enact it by “smearing and destroying anyone who stands in their way — first verbally and then physically.”

“They are absolutely on the warpath. There’s very little opposition,” he added, noting that those on the far-left still revere Communist regimes that engaged in mass executions of political enemies.
Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Between flinging bricks from rooftops, lobbing bottles of urine at police, all the way to the most recent clash in Portland, these people are not going away.

Is he right?

Is this the right way to respond to these unruly goons?

Or do you know a better way?

(Have at ‘er in the comments if you think you’ve got the right solution.)

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck