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Teen Vogue: ‘Can’t #endpoverty Without Ending Capitalism!’

What happened to the teen fashion magazine covering things like fashion and the new must-have lip gloss?

They have far-left activists writing for them. Lauren Duca, who has appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight defending the harassment of Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight, ‘joked’ about the President dying in a plane crash. Duca is a little obsessed with Trump and planes, it seems.

If last summer’s guide to anal sex didn’t make you wonder what in the hell Teen Vogue was peddling to minors, this will tell you all that you need to know.

In an effort indoctrinate inform the youth of America, Teen Vogue crafted an article on why it’s necessary to ditch capitalism.

Yes, really.

The millennials Salon spoke to expect to see a grand societal shift in their lifetime, either toward socialism — a political and economic systemin which the means of production are collectively and equally owned by everyone — or toward a sort of dystopian Mad Max nightmare in which resources have dwindled, rich plutocrats own everything, and ordinary people need to band together in small, autonomous communities to survive. To conservatives’ dismay, the modern idea of socialism, which has roots in Greek philosopher Plato but emerged as a popular political idea in the early 19th century among German radicals like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, has become increasingly popular among young people in the past several years, following Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders’s underdog run for president and the authoritarian creep of the ultra-capitalist, anti-socialist Trump regime.

In contrast, capitalism has become markedly less popular among the younger generations, with The Washington Post noting in April 2016that in one survey, a majority of young adults ages 18 to 29 said they reject it outright.

So, pick socialism because it’s cool with the younger crowd that have little life experience and are being indoctrinated in leftist colleges while living in their parents’ basements.

Good plan.

The article then frames capitalism as ‘bad’ and socialism as ‘good’.

It’s a bit rich that Teen Vogue — a glossy magazine that is almost 3/4 advertisements — is wanting to ditch capitalism.

I guess they’ll stop charging money for their magazines now, otherwise, they’d be engaged in the dreaded ‘free market’ and that would make them capitalists.

In a capitalist country, the focus is on profits over anything else; in a socialist country, the public is seen to be more important, and social welfare is a major priority. The United States, the U.K., and Germany are examples of modern capitalist countries. In contrast, China, India, and Cuba are examples of modern socialistic, non-capitalist countries, as was the former Soviet Union. Many other countries like Norway, Sweden, Canada, and the Netherlands incorporate socialist ideas into their societies, as does the United States to some degree; for example, universal health care and Social Security are both socialistic concepts.

Source: Teen Vogue

Weird. No mention of the socialist paradise of Venezuela.

Or North Korea.

Or the now-collapsed USSR.

Of course, the entire premise of the article is utter crap.

James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute wrote a sound rebuttal of the Teen Vogue article that includes some interesting points. But it all comes down to this:

But you can’t redistribute wealth without creating it. And that is what innovation-driven capitalism has done really well for the past two centuries. I would urge Teen Vogue editors and reporters to read “Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think” by the late Hans Rosling, a fantastic book which examines all the ways in which very smart people are getting so many important things so very wrong — including poverty.

Source: The American Enterprise Institute

It can be illustrated in this chart:

The idea that wealth needs to be created in order for it to be redistributed is an important one, but not the most important reason to reject socialism.  The greatest reason to reject socialism is because of this one point:

If the government redistributes your money that you have earned through your labor, they control your time and if they control your time, they control your life, which means that you are nothing more than a slave of the state.

What a terrifying thought.

If an article about ditching capitalism wasn’t enough to make you realize the ideological crap that Teen Vogue is pushing, here are a few of their other articles.

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And of course, they had to go after Kanye West:

A couple of times:

Heaven forbid that you think for yourself.

But, remember kiddies, they’re not NPCs spouting the same talking points like automatons.

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