WATCH: Last American To Leave Fascist Facebook, Bring The American Flag!

Written by Doug Giles on October 18, 2018

Who will Facebook’s ‘Great Purge’ really hurt — Conservatives or Facebook?

Has Herr Zuckerberg’s baby just committed suicide?

Will this move have them joining Blackberry, MySpace and AOL in the dustbin of cultural irrelevance?

It sure looks that way. Here’s how:

Let Doug give you the skinny on what Facebook was really up to in that ‘Great Purge’, since his rowdy page, ClashDaily was one of the targeted sites. (Spoiler — the official reason is a demonstrable lie.)

Better still, he has found a better social media platform, MeWe — one that isn’t going to screw with you, your words, your data, or your contacts.

It’s a platform where the terms of service are built around the premise of not being creepy digital stalkers.

A promise of NOT being creepy digital stalkers? How refreshing.

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