Temperament Test: Kavanaugh Responded How Decent Men Would in the Face of Democrats’ Viciousness

Written by Allan Erickson on October 2, 2018

Please recall the list of accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh engineered by Democrats for the purpose of destroying him.

And keep two things in mind as you review this list: After a lifetime of public service requiring six FBI background investigations and given the testimony of at least 100 female colleagues, Kavanaugh has never been accused of ANY wrongdoing; and secondly, NONE of the current allegations have been accompanied by ANY evidence suggesting they are credible. Indeed, the evidence we have either proves his innocence, or strongly questions the credibility of the accusers.

Democrats engineered these allegations, and we know this from the facts: Dr. Ford’s letter was withheld until the last minute instead of being properly investigated and that was a calculated act by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA. Dr. Ford’s request for confidentiality was violated by Democrats. Dr. Ford says she was not advised she could give anonymous testimony to Committee staff at a place of her choosing. Dr. Ford was groomed and forced to testify in public, obviously, because you cannot create a circus in private.

And just look what the Democrats have managed to engineer, the allegations:
1. Sexual assault in high school, Ford, attempted rape, the insinuation of attempted murder. (Multiple witnesses deny this allegation, witnesses named by the alleged victim!) Two men say they are responsible, not Kavanaugh!
2. Sexual assault in high school, Ramirez, exposing himself to her in college. (No corroborating witnesses or evidence. Accuser says she will not cooperate with FBI. She admits at the time she was so drunk she could not walk or speak. Kavanaugh denies even knowing her.)
3. In high school, drugging and raping girls and organizing boys to participate. (Even the NY Times could not find enough evidence to run this ridiculous story. The attorney representing the accuser represented Stormy Daniel, porn star, in her action against the President.)
4. As an adult, getting drunk and pushing a woman into a wall and sexually assaulting her. The woman in question was his girlfriend and she aggressively denies this allegation, thoroughly.
5. Accused of getting drunk and getting into a fight on a boat in Rhode Island: accuser withdrew the accusation.

Think for just one minute. A man roundly praised by everyone for decades, one exceedingly accomplished and successful, a man who has passed the toughest background scrutiny in existence, on six occasions, is all of a sudden a drunken, womanizing pimp, a sexual predator and a rapist with murderous intent. In what universe is this even plausible? A family man, a respected judge, a good father according to all who know him, a man who volunteers in charitable work, and one praised by all women who have ever worked with him, this is a raging alcoholic and serial felon?

Now Senate Democrats are pulling out whatever stops remain. They are insinuating Kavanaugh is a mean, violent drunk ill-suited for the bench, but never once in his career has he been accused of such a thing.

They say his passionate defense of his family last week in public, sworn testimony proves he does not have judicial temperament, an opinion, not evidence, and an illegitimate opinion at that. From both sides of the aisle all his career he is described as the picture of even temperament and fairness.

Democrats claim Kavanaugh was playing politics during his last testimony. He was not. He was reacting to the lynch mob, calling for civility and the rule of law, decrying the mob, and calling it out. All acts of public service.

Democrats now say the FBI investigation must be extended in terms of time and scope since so many new questions have been raised—a lie, designed to delay and derail this nominee. They asked for the current investigation, agreed to the terms, and now attempt again to rig the process, changing the rules of the game only one day in.

The despicable charade goes on and the slow roast of the Kavanaugh family proceeds. What an unspeakable disgrace.

Image: screen shot; ABC News; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVJdy3FmlCo

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.