Democrats Ask: Why Didn’t Kavanaugh Recuse Himself?

Written by Dan Perkins on October 2, 2018

For several decades the Democrats have been in control of Washington regardless of who was in the White House or had control of Congress. The combination of Democrats and the mainstream media has given the Democrats a stronghold of power. When Congressmen, Senators and yes-even Presidents come to town one of the gifts they receive is the Democratic “Playbook” of how they are supposed to act regardless of what the Democrats or the press say about them.

You will see how when somebody went off the “Playbook” they paid a very high price. At the same time, those who were good little boys and girls were controlled by the tactics of the Democratic Party and did well. As an example, Harry Reid said that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes. When he was pressed for a source, he told reporters to ask Mr. Romney why he did not pay his taxes. A NewsMax article was titled, “Harry Reid Relishes Romney Tax Lie: ‘He Did not Win, Did He?’

It is important to understand the Democrats; it is all about winning, not the truth, not what is right, fair, or honest. The history of the Democratic Party is full of examples of Democrats opposed to freedom for blacks in America.

Here is another example of the Democratic intimidation “Playbook.” The Minority Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, called on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to withdraw from consideration after a third woman came forward with new sexual misconduct allegations from the 1980s. Is Senator Schumer not aware of a person’s rights in the 6th amendment of the Constitution?  If he thinks that a person accused should resign regardless of the truth of allegations why hasn’t he spoken out about the allegations of assault against the co-chair of the Democratic Party, Keith Ellison? Why hasn’t he demanded Mr. Ellison resign his seat in the Congress and his candidacy for attorney general for the State of Minnesota?

The minority leader along with several other Senators believes that in Judge Kavanagh’s case, “There Is No Presumption of Innocence.” If there is no presumption of innocence on the part of the Judge then the same must hold true of the accuser and Dr. Ford should also not be believed just on her charge.

As you can see, justice breaks down when we make exceptions in the case of a person seeking higher office. This is especially true when we do not want them in office.  People have been critical of the remarks of Judge Kavanaugh in his testimony. The Democrats could not believe that he challenged them in their attack on him. The ranking member Senator Feinstein slammed Kavanaugh as ‘Aggressive and Belligerent’ in the hearing: Unbelievable”. She was very disappointed that the judge was not following the “Playbook.” He should have resigned and never gone to the hearing.

The idea that a Republican would defend himself against charges and stand up to the Democrats was appalling and not the way it was supposed to be. The Democrats believe they are in charge, and others are not behaving the way they think they should.

What about the other partner of the Democrats, the mainstream media, and their role in trying to defeat the judge? According to Rasmussen Reports, a national polling organization, registered voters believe 47% of the time reporters are trying to defeat the judge while only 8% of the voters think reporters are trying to help. The voters on a six to one basis think the reporters are biased against the judge.

The one issue on the table is the FBI investigation. In about a week we will have their findings. They will not make a judgment call on the validity of the claim of all parties. If this were a criminal investigation, then the FBI would be looking into criminal charges. The Senate has not asked the President to direct the FBI to investigate criminal charges but do a background check on the statements of all parties. If the Left doesn’t get the outcome it wants, look for them to pursue criminal charges.

If the FBI is unable to verify the allegations of the parties will the Democrats join with the Republicans and unanimously approve Judge Kavanaugh? Hardly. They will look for other ways to try and stop the vote. If they fail and the Judge is confirmed look for the Democrats to warn, out of their “Playbook”, that Republican will have hell to pay in the midterms from the American voters. I think many voters could have placed themselves in the same situation of having their reputations attacked and feel a kinship with the Judge fighting for what was right and not giving in to the Left.   

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