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WATCH: Bill Maher Told Bill Clinton’s Accusers – ‘Take One For The Team’

Hey Maher, this clip of yours didn’t age well, did it? Let’s compare Maher’s righteous indignation and ‘respect for the office’ then … and now.

There are times when Bill Maher is absolutely on the right page, and we back him up. Issues of free speech, for example.

He caught hell on his show ‘politically incorrect’ telling a joke at his OWN expense that crossed over into that taboo topic of slavery, and he caught hell for that. Any honest observer would have understood that there was nothing racist about it. But he had to apologize.

When it comes to free speech, he’s pretty consistently non-partisan, but on almost anything else, he’s a Democrat Flunkie with a platform and an ax to grind.

He’s got his ax to grind on the Republicans every chance he gets. For example, in the Kavanaugh case, he is convinced that this judge — without corroborating evidence, without a time and place. Bonny and Clyde’s Ford has fewer holes than Professor Ford’s accusation.

Of course, Maher won’t let a little thing like ‘presumption of innocence’ get in the way of a partisan swipe. After all, there’s a lot on the line. How will the Militant left POSSIBLY push through legislation without any popular support now that the Supreme Court is slipping away?

His monologues featured the topic. But rather than bore you with those, here are a couple of tweets that tell you where he stands.

Keep that in mind as we pull up the clip from when he defended Bill Clinton even though he was convinced that yeah, Bill probably did get ‘nekkid’ with them.

When it comes to holding Democrats to the high moral standards he bashes the Republicans for violating, he’s singing a very different tune. Watch:

[discussing Paula Jones]… I think that he probably did something wrong, I’ll be honest with you. But we’re at this point now where we’re talking about distinguishing marks on the President’s genitals. She’s talking about bringing forth 10 or more women who are going to testify to what something happened with them too. I believe we are at the point where the Presidency is becoming a laughingstock and at some point don’t we have to say to this woman, look, you probably were wronged. Take one for the team. We’ve got to start thinking about the country. I’m just asking.

What exactly did Maher go on to say about Dubya and Trump after that?

What pragmatic advice did he have for NOT smearing a sitting judge as a ‘rapist’ without the smallest shred of evidence beyond the barest say-so of someone with a ‘recovered memory’?


Because he’s a partisan hack. A partisan hack who sometimes tells jokes.

Well, it could be worse: he could be Jimmy Kimmel.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls

In ‘Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls’, Doug Giles reinforces the notion that little women don’t need to be pampered by their fathers to turn out right. And having met his beautiful daughters, I know his philosophy works. As a strong-willed woman who thinks her daddy is the greatest guy in the world, I can tell you this is a must-read for every man who hopes to earn the same title. —-S.E. Cupp Best Selling Author & Fox News Analyst

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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