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WATCH: Bros Hunt Deer In Other People’s Backyard And It’s A Target RICH Environment

This guy doesn’t have to go far to scratch that hunting itch. Here’s the 411.

Taylor Chamberlin spends 150 days of the year bowhunting whitetail deer in the Washington DC metro area. Chamberlain has permission from more than a hundred property owners to hunt whitetail deer on their land. The whitetail deer population in the metro and region partly because of a lack of population control, and it has caused all sorts of problems ranging from damage to landscaping, the risk to drivers, and a massive spike in Lyme disease in recent years. Well, this bowhunter is working on it, one deer at a time.

Chamberlin’s methods aren’t typical. He hunts from swing sets, tree forts, and anything else that can help him get up off the ground.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but before you snicker and scoff at Taylor’s hunting methods, watch the video below and listen to the success he’s found in the backyards and cul de sacs of the Washington, DC Metro area.

It’s important to point out here, the significant impact Taylor’s contributions make on the suburban deer herd in his community. Deer herds that flourish in these metro areas mow-down native tree seedlings, destroy expensive landscaping, endanger motorists and have lead to the near-epidemic spread of Lyme disease.

First Lite’s short video “In City Limits” features a glance at a day in the life of a suburban area whitetail hunter, pursuing deer year-round while balancing his passion with a successful career and growing family.

Source: OutdoorHub

Chamberlin isn’t just a pretty good shot, he’s also an articulate businessman.

He’s also a very generous guy. Check out what he does with the deer that he kills.

Look at that! He’s donating the meat to those in need.

That’s awesome.

This bro is livin’ the dream — building his own business, doing what he loves, and helping to solve several problems at once, all in his local environs.

Do you get more American than that?

Hunt on, Taylor, ClashDaily salutes you!

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