WATCH: Facebook Is Great If You Don’t Like Privacy And Freedom – #FEXIT

Written by Wes Walker on October 30, 2018

Facebook user numbers in America are in freefall. There’s a really good reason for that.

That reason is that people are finally wising up to how Facebook is straight-up creepy in how much sensitive personal information they rake in on their users.

First, let’s recap the progress of the #WalkAway from Facebook trend so far… or, if you prefer, #Fexit:

According to new survey data from the Pew Research Center (June 2018), a substantial number of Facebook users (42 percent) have stepped back from daily activity and engagement. This stands in marked contrast to a March Pew survey that found 74 percent of users visited daily and most of them (51 percent) went to the site multiple times a day.

The more recent Pew survey also found that 26 percent said that they deleted the Facebook app from their phones. All this suggests that a substantial minority or even a majority of Facebook users have to some degree disengaged from the platform in the past year.
Source: MarketingLand

That study was released in the late summer, BEFORE Facebook announced the massive security breach exposing some 50 Million users.

Do you think their membership numbers increased any after that security breach? Probably not.


What personal information is Facebook getting access to?

According to the video by Dave Hodges, they can access Phone records, cloud computing, location, online access point, and (it is claimed) google assistant style passive voice recognition-driven advertising.

Tests of allegations that Facebook has access to personal banking information was inconclusive.

These are the reasons it has been said that with Facebook, the user IS ‘the Product’. In a real sense, by way of targeted advertising, YOU are for sale in their business model.

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