WATCH: Chelsea Clinton Lectures America On Sexual Impropriety

Written by K. Walker on October 4, 2018

Do you think the Media (D) should ask Chelsea about Bill’s behavior when discussing the current whipped-up ‘controversy’ over Brett Kavanaugh?

The hosts of CBS This Morning don’t think so.

Chelsea Clinton has been clear that she has opposed Judge Kavanaugh since he was named as the SCOTUS pick for ideological reasons.

She headlined the anti-Kavanaugh ‘Rise Up For Roe’ event where she made some ridiculous claims that abortion bolsters the economy. She also says that she supports abortion because returning to a time before Roe would be ‘unchristian.’

Clinton appeared on the show to promote her new children’s book, but, since the Kavanaugh confirmation has been an even bigger Media (D) circus than the butt-hurt after Election 2016, she had to be asked about it. Especially since Brett Kavanaugh had mentioned the Clintons in his opening remarks last week.

She called Kavanaugh’s remarks — the pushback against the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee using uncorroborated 36-year old allegations of attempted rape at the 11th hour ‘nakedly partisan.’

In his opening remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Kavanaugh characterized the sex assault claims against him as ‘a calculated and orchestrated political hit.’

He said the claims were ‘fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons, and millions of dollars in money from outside left-wing opposition groups’.

Kavanaugh was referring to his role on Kenneth Starr’s team investigating Bill Clinton’s sexual impropriety.

It was Kavanaugh that prompted Starr to ask Clinton questions about the specific nature of his sexual relationship with Lewinsky, which ultimately provided grounds for his impeachment after he was shown to have lied under oath.

But despite Kavanaugh alluding to this history in his remarks, Chelsea was not challenged over it.

No one thought that it was relevant to ask Chelsea Clinton about her father and Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, or even Monica Lewinsky.

Really? I guess the ‘Believe all women’ movement has some exclusions.

Chelsea then tilted her answer to Kavanaugh’s blatant partisanship.

Clinton then pivoted her answer to accuse Kavanaugh of partisanship, saying: ‘I think the principle of judicial review being absent of partisanship is still really important.

‘If he had gone after President Bush’s family or President Reagan’s I would feel the same way. I just don’t think that’s healthy as a dynamic on the Supreme Court.’
Source: Daily Mail


So, as a judge, he’s supposed to look at this blatant hit-job by Senate Democrats desperate to stall until after the midterms (as payback for not confirming Merrick Garland,) which is LITERALLY destroying Kavanaugh’s life, and not call it out?

He’s supposed to roll over and take it?

You have got to be effing kidding me.


But then are you really surprised?

She’s sidestepped answering direct questions about her parents’ rather disgusting behavior many a time.

And heck, it’s not like Chelsea is ‘nakedly partisan,’ right?

(Sorry about that image.)

She was upset about Steve Bannon speaking at an event but defended her father sharing a stage with notorious anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan.

That’s totally fine.

To her credit, Chelsea actually did step up and critiqued the Illinois Times political cartoon that targetted Judge Kavanaugh’s daughters praying for Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Credit where credit is due, I say.

Of course, that’s not what Chelsea thinks, apparently.

Nope, she seems to be more of a ‘kick a man while he’s down’ sort of philosophy.

Ironic since her book is about being ‘nice.’

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