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WATCH: This Snow Leopard Hunting Ibex Video Is What We Call, ‘BADASS’

This Great Cat hunting big game on the edge of a mountain goes from poetry-in-motion to the ride of your life.

The cat pounced and caught his prey.

But he paid one hell of a price in the process.


And you thought YOU had to work hard to put food on the table.

Did your work ever require to tumble down the side of a mountain in winter?

I didn’t think so.

Nevertheless, the cat persisted.

Which is a helluva lot more than we can say about the snowflakes that NORMALLY used that ‘nevertheless’ line.


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck