WATCH: Trump Trashes CBS To Their FACE And It’s Hilarious

Written by K. Walker on October 15, 2018

President Trump looked positively confident in his interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes.

It must’ve been infuriating for her.

She kept interrupting the President, and attempting to shape the interview. She just couldn’t control it.

The entire interview was fan-freaking-tastic as far as entertainment value is concerned. The President held his own in a hostile environment.

It was spectacular.

But, there was one particular moment that stood out.

CBS has oh-so-kindly provided an entire transcript of the 60 minutes interview on their website, and it’s delicious.

The fact that they had to transcribe and publish this is just utterly fantastic — though I’ve had to adjust their transcript at one point because they insinuate that President Trump is calling the political people ‘babies’ when it was clear from the video that he was just repeating that the ‘babies’ he was referring to are the Manhattan real estate guys.

Right after that, Lesley Stahl wants to quickly change the subject when he starts discussing the ‘dishonest media.’

President Donald J. Trump has called the Media (D) out for what they are — partisan hacks pushing an agenda.

Here’s the transcript:

Lesley Stahl: Okay. Changing subjects again– you are the first president of the United States who never had a political post before, nor never served in the military. You come up here, you’ve been here for almost two years, what’s the biggest surprise and what have you learned since you’ve been president?

President Donald Trump: Okay. So I always used to say the toughest people are Manhattan real estate guys and blah, blah. Now I say they’re babies. They’re babies.

Lesley Stahl: [Interrrupting] Who’s the toughest?

President Donald Trump: The political people. This is the most deceptive, vicious world. It is vicious, it’s full of lies, deceit and deception. You make a deal with somebody and it’s like making a deal with– that table.

Lesley Stahl: Give me an example.

President Donald Trump: Well, I don’t wanna give you an example. I’m not lookin’ to– in the meantime, nobody’s been able to do what I’ve been able to do. Remember that. When you look at taxes, you look at regulations, you look at– making deals with other countries. Nobody’s been able to do anything like this. Actually, most people didn’t even try because they knew they didn’t have the ability to do it. But it’s a very deceptive world. The other thing I’ve really learned is I never knew how dishonest the media was. I– I– and I really mean it. I’m not saying that as a sound bite. I never–

Lesley Stahl: I’d like to–

President Donald Trump: Knew how dishonest–

Lesley Stahl: I’m– I’m gonna change the subject again.

President Donald Trump: Well, no, even the way you asked me a question, like, about separation. When I say Obama did it, you don’t wanna talk about it.

Lesley Stahl: No, I’m gonna run your–

President Donald Trump: When I say I did it, let’s make a big deal of it.

Lesley Stahl: I’m gonna run your answer, but you did it four times, so.

President Donald Trump: I’m just telling you that you treated me much differently on the subject.

Lesley Stahl: I disagree, but I don’t wanna have that fight with you.

President Donald Trump: Hey, it’s okay–

Lesley Stahl: All right, I’ll get in another fight with you–

President Donald Trump: Lesley, it’s okay. In the meantime, I’m president–and you’re not.

That, my friends, is what you call ‘getting owned.’

How much do you love it?

Do yourself a favor, grab yourself a coffee, go to CBS and watch or read the whole thing.

It’ll certainly get you fired up for the midterms!

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