WOW! This BLAGA Meme Will Not Be Seen On CNN’s Platforms – Pure Gold!

Written by K. Walker on October 2, 2018

Isn’t it funny how the left despises it when someone disagrees with them?

For the last while, those on the left have been losing their damn minds over Kanye West’s outspoken approval of President Trump.

Kanye West, now known as Ye, has always thought for himself, and sometimes, (let’s be honest,) it’s been weird.

But here we are, as conservatives, saying reasonable things like, ‘It’s great to see that Kanye recognizes that Democrat policies haven’t helped the black communities very much. And he’s now realizes how President Trump’s economic policies are pulling many people — blacks included — out of poverty by giving them opportunities.

Well, that’s just too reasonable.

The same has happened with Candace Owens, the young, black conservative that is known on YouTube as ‘Red Pill Black‘ and is now the Director of Communications for Turning Point USA. Owens made headlines with a single tweet by Ye back in April:

And all hell broke loose. 

Suddenly, the political position of a cultural icon was major news.

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Ye is going to think for himself, and honestly, that’s often going to mean a weird mix of left and right. I can live with that. At least he’s the one doing the thinking and not letting others like CNN, the Democrats, or the squishy, establishment GOP do it for him.

Right now, Kanye is loving the MAGA in the Trump era, and that’s what makes this meme so awesome:

Watch Candace Owens talk about Kanye’s bravery:

In the aftermath of the SNL bit, Ye was criticized by Hollywood elitists. It was after he tweeted that we should ‘abolish’ the 13th Amendment which put an end to slavery. Interesting that many of them were white.

What is interesting about this, is that Ye’s position on the 13th Amendment as the beginning of the ‘Prison-Industrial Complex’ as the modern-day form of slavery, was written about in New York Daily News in September 2016 by Shaun ‘Talcum X’ King, the trans-racial leader of Black Lives Matter.

That isn’t a right-wing idea at all.

And he’s being pilloried for it by white celebrities.

Would they continue to mock him for his ignorance if they knew that the leader of BLM supported it?

I don’t think so.

It’s because, like Candace Owens, Kanye’s support for President Trump has tainted every position that he holds to the narrow-minded leftists.

The left wants you to conform and fit neatly into your identity box, and God help you if you dare step out of line.

That’s why I’m not one of them, neither is Kanye or Candace Owens.

BLAGA on, my friends. BLAGA on!

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