Woman Faints During MAGA Rally And The Crowd’s Response Will Make You Scream Like A Bald Eagle(Video)

Written by Wes Walker on November 6, 2018

You would ONLY see something like this at a Republican rally.

After all — the other party BOOED the mention of God at their convention a few years ago.

As sometimes happens when any large crowd gathers, one lady in the audience gathered in Missouri fainted, and required medical attention.

How Trump handled it would leave his critics gobsmacked.

Trump took the stage and was halfway through his boilerplate stump when a woman fainted. The arena was very hot and very crowded and fainting is a relatively commonplace occurrence at large political rallies like this one.

Trump asked “Is there a doctor in the house?” and upon seeing that the woman was being attended to said “Take your time. Take your time. We have plenty of time, right? Don’t rush. That is one of our great people.”
Source: DailyCaller

Not only did he respectfully stop and wait for the seven minutes it took for medical staff to give her the help she needed, but he encouraged the crowd to pray for the woman, too.

When they seemed to indicate that she’d be ok, a cheer erupted from the crowd.

The crowd applauded and cheered as emergency medical staff rushed to the fainted woman. President Trump stepped away from the mic and looked on somberly for minutes on end. The crowd stood silently. “Say a little prayer. That is good. Say a little prayer,” Trump said to the audience. A minute later a spontaneous rendition of the classic hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ began to ring out.

The hymn echoed throughout the arena as the woman was carried out of the hall.

President Trump then turned to the audience, “I want to just thank everybody. That was beautiful. At the end was beautiful. ‘Amazing Grace.’ That was beautiful. Hopefully, she will be ok.
Source: DailyCaller

Don’t tell the Media(D) though.

They still think he’s ‘literally Hitler’.

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