Clash Poll: Was ‘That’ Border Photo Real Or A Hoax?

Published on November 26, 2018

People have been scrutinizing that border-crossing photo with the mom and two kids in the foreground… and the reactions are mixed.

What do YOU think about the photo?

Is it legit or staged?

We know how the media loves to use a compelling photo to really drive a story.

One photo of a drowned toddler in 2015 played a huge part in initiating Europe’s Immigration Crisis.

You may remember it:

It was only much later that we learned that key aspects of the sob story we were told didn’t exactly check out.

Closer to home, we saw a photo that was so compelling it was Photoshopped next to the President on the cover of Time Magazine to send a particular (hostile) message about the border policy.

The toddler’s own dad called Bullsh-t on the story, but of course, the damage was already done.

The photo pushing a lie about kids being “ripped out of” mom’s arms had been unleashed. Truth be damned.

Now we’re looking at another potentially ‘iconic’ photo. We’ve been burned before by the vaunted ‘Free Press’. Should we trust it?

Some have already begun pointing out elements of the photo that make them say … ‘hold on a minute’.

The narrative is that they are fleeing tear gas.

This sums up the problem succinctly:

But one observant Twitterer found some unusual things in the very same picture posted above. In the background, it appears as if many people are not fleeing anything, and a photographer with a camera on a tripod appears to be taking pictures of a child running as another photographer shoots people “posing as if fleeing.”
Source: DailyWire

It wasn’t just him.

Others expressed doubt on Reddit. “We’re supposed to believe that this person dragged those poor, pantless children 2888 miles in 45 days? Walking ~20 hours a day? And we’re supposed to believe it is a totally organic thing, not paid for by anyone?” one user wrote.
Source: DailyWire

Real or staged? What do you think?

The Trumpinator: every time his rivals think they’ve got him down and out, he stands back up and keeps on coming.

They laughed when he announced his candidacy. They thought he was going to some circus act.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

He survived the primaries and got the nomination. He knocked out Crooked Hillary.

He beat CNN at their own game, and their ratings are now circling the toilet.

Mueller and the Dossier aren’t just coming up empty, they’re exposing the misdeeds of Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok and all the rest.

And Trump is still keeping promises, and getting things done.

The economy is doing exactly what he promised it would. #PromisesKept

And in 2020, The Trumpinator is gonna do it again.

He’ll be back.