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Stable Genius: Trump Threatens To PERMANENTLY CLOSE The Border — Mexico Will Deport Central American Border-Crossers

Is it still ‘racist’ if it’s MEXICO that does the deporting? (Asking for a friend.)

The poor, suffering, hungry women and children we were assured were simple refugees fleeing hardship for a better life just made a failed attempt to storm the US border. And it backfired badly.

For all the kind words and warm wishes we’ve been hearing from talking heads north of the border, there are some real troublemakers in that ‘migrant caravan’. They showed their true colors when they chucked rocks and bottles at border officials, hitting officials in riot gear and damaging several vehicles.

They didn’t approach an agent, raise their hands and request asylum. The tried to force their way into the country past those guarding it.

Even the good people of Tijuana have lost patience with the ‘migrants’.

Trump made it clear that he’s deadly serious about the situation on the Southern Border… at a time when the Mexican government is in transition to the new powers.

The border crossing was closed in response to that attempt to crash the border.

These migrants have overstayed their welcome in Mexico, and are being deported for being violent lawbreakers… a description of the would-be ‘Dreamers’ you’d be hard-pressed to hear the pearl-clutching Media(D) to include in a report.

On Sunday, a video of migrants unsuccessfully attempting to storm the Southern border of the United States went viral. The Central American migrants involved in the illegal activity will be deported by Mexico, according to its interior ministry, the BBC reported on Monday.

As noted in a column from Michael Graham at CBS News, the border situation “is so bad that Mexico’s interior department announced Sunday it will deport around 500 migrants because they ignored Mexican authorities and tried to cross the border ‘violently’ and ‘illegally.'”
Source: DailyMail

Is it still ‘racist’ when the Mexicans want to deport them?

And when the Left objects, saying you can’t send them back to that dangerous place they’re fleeing from, are they not, in fact, calling those places in South America ‘S-hole’ countries?

We’re old enough to remember when it would have been deeply offensive to say such a thing.

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