Dear America: Here’s A ‘Sweet Refugee’ Who’s Fleeing ‘A Little Trouble’ He Got Into In Honduras

Written by K. Walker on November 1, 2018

The left claims that we need to be compassionate and open the borders. Here is one perfect example of why we need to know who it is that wants to come into our country.

The massive migrant caravan which began in Honduras, passed through Guatemala is in Mexico and heading to the U.S./Mexico border.

President Trump has vowed that nobody is coming in.

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Of course, that has sparked outrage.

The Media (D) has been covering the caravan, and there have been some shocking admissions.

ClashDaily reported that one of the migrants admitted that there were criminals in the caravan.

These sweet refugees are just fleeing violence,’ says the Left.

Well, this guy sure is fleeing something, but I don’t think it’s violence.

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins, using a translator, interviewed a man named José, who admits that he got into ‘a little trouble’ in Honduras.

JOSÉ: In my country, Honduras, I got in trouble.

JENKINS (TO TRANSLATOR): Can you ask him exactly what happened?

TRANSLATOR: A third-degree felony … attempted murder.

Meet José!

Wouldn’t you just love it if José lived on your street?

I’m sure that whole attempted murder thing is just a big misunderstanding.

Likely, the vast majority of the migrants are fleeing their violence-ravaged and poverty-stricken nations seeking a better life, but there are guys in there like José, too.

The Open Borders Leftists want us to toss out our immigration system and let the world in because to do otherwise (ie. following immigration law) is not being ‘compassionate.’

These are the same people that were all freaking out when Trump allegedly said that there were sh*thole countries. So, does rampant poverty and violence not qualify for sh*tholery, or nah?

The asylum process in our current immigration system is to sift through those that truly need to get out of dangerous situations and the opportunists.

Someone from Honduras bypassing El Salvador, travelling through Guatemala and Mexico to seek refuge in the United States isn’t how the refugee system is supposed to work. They are to seek refuge in the nearest ‘safe harbor.’

Besides, if we take in the world fleeing from bad governance, how will countries ever improve?

Maybe it’s time that we said to these unsafe countries, ‘Your people don’t want to live there. It’s time you fix some things.

President Trump’s focus on the United States should be the same view that other leaders take with their own countries.

The problem is, some countries think the way to Make their Country Great Again is to ship off their problems to the United States.

Some are so corrupt that they subsist on the revenue from gangs which make their money smuggling drugs and people across the U.S. border.

But the Left says that it’s not ‘compassionate’ to deny entry to the United States.

I say it’s not compassionate to just allow everyone in without proper vetting.

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