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Dear Parents: Look What’s Being Done With All Your Kids 1000s Of Online Pics

How much time does your kid spend online? It’s probably more than you think.

Have you ever thought about your kids’ online footprint?

You’d better.

The ‘smart home’ devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home are ready and waiting for your questions or commands. It’s convenient and kind of cool, but there is a pretty heavy price to pay. These devices are always on and always listening for the wakeup word — which means that they’ve got a great opportunity to mine more data from you.

It’s pretty creepy if you think about it.

We hand over the information willingly without thinking of the repercussions.

And it’s an absolute truckload of info.

Before a child becomes a teenager there are 1,300 pictures of them online and they post up to 70,000 times before they turn 18, claims a new report.

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, said that a child’s digital footprint now starts before they are born when parents post scans on social media.

Longfield said that the Smart Home devices should be treated with caution because ‘children in these homes could have their voice recorded as soon as they start speaking.’

It’s not just the Smart Home devices and social media that are the problem, though.

There are more and more items connected to the cloud, and possibly harvesting data.

In a startling report, she also warns about the danger of internet-connected children’s toys such as CloudPets and Amazon’s Echo potentially harvesting data, without parents’ knowledge, and storing it online.

CloudPets are soft animal toys that allow children to record voice messages and play the messages of family and friends.

It was revealed last year that millions of these private and intimate messages were being accessed by strangers after being left unprotected online.

The report also warned of internet-enabled baby cameras that stream live video of a child to an app on a parent’s phone as the security is often easy to bypass for hackers.

Source: Daily Mail

Longfield’s report called, ‘Who Knows What About Me‘ implores the government of the United Kingdom to strengthen data protection legislation, and suggests that schools begin teaching children about using social media and how their data is collected.

She said, ‘Children are often shocked to learn just how information and data is collected about them as they grow up, from the information stored by new gadgets like Alexa to data held by their schools. We need to make sure that they can make informed choices about the data they are giving away and that their parents know who knows what about their kids.The Government must urgently refine data protection legislation if GDPR does not prove up to the job.

A documentary called The Creepy Line shows just how much Big Tech knows about you, and how they can use that knowledge to influence your opinions and manipulate your emotions.

It looks like they crossed that Creepy Line with our kids.

Unplug your kids, unplug yourself.

Don’t hand over your data to Facebook and Google so that they can sell your info and profit off of you.

Consider switching over to MeWe and DuckDuckGo — they don’t sell your data.

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