Discover a New Jesus that is Practical and Relatable

Written by Pastor Greg Young on November 28, 2018

Jesus & Co. is a new way to look at the Gospels and the life of Jesus. This book presents
Jesus in a way that takes the mystery out of our faith and provides real life examples of how to thrive while swimming with sharks. The book isn’t the false prosperity gospel, nor is it politically correct, but a wonderfully written and insightful book about how to work with grace and develop a career based on ethical values.

The author is a former Fortune 500 executive who gave up his extraordinarily successful
business career to pursue the path of following Jesus. For seven years Hartman pursued an
advanced degree in theology to achieve his Doctorate degree in ministry. Allowing him to blend the wonderful stories of those he worked alongside, with the rich story of Jesus.

Throughout Jesus & Co. the reader will get a ringside seat in boardrooms and everyday
life. Seeing where the values of Jesus helped or could have steered a different course.

Jesus & Co. is written in easy to understand theological language that helps the readers
understanding, while at the same time creating an imaginative path to fulfilling life destinies. Hartman uses non-dogmatic words to explain the key points where Jesus and the business world intersect.

While reading this book, you will be challenged to consider the most important question
in business and Christian ethics, “What ought we to do? Hartman has skillfully provided a
pathway to answer this question through a compelling and practical portrayal of great business people and the lessons of the Gospel.

No business career should be started without reading this book first. The book gives
valuable insight into how to become a successful and moral contributor. Included are examples of why Jesus was a great networker, salesperson and leader. In a step by step manner this book creates a pathway to becoming the person we all want to be.

For pastors this book provides insights into their congregations most common problems
while working. It provides a great guide to take headline news and turn it into a sermon that addresses the realities of life on Monday morning.

Jesus & Co. has been written in a manner that allows for great group discussions for
churches, business groups and students. Jesus & Co. is not a preachy book, but a guide to
dealing with the everyday issues for those who work. It makes us think and consider our daily activities long after the book has been read.

Beyond the author’s narrative of his own life journey, the books threads through the life
of the everyday person, who must work to pay their bills and desires a stronger connection with Jesus. Real stories of faith and success are shared as seen by the author and through the eyes of others he knows.

Jesus & Co. takes what appears to be a hard journey in the world of business and gives
very practical examples of how others have achieved both spiritual and career success and have kept their faith intact. The book breaks down the barriers and obstacles that each person faces daily in their work life. Leaving us confident and sure of what our next steps should be.

Through extensive scholarly research, Jesus & Co. examines why the worker of the first
century is so closely related to those of the twenty-first century. The book takes the parables of Jesus and insightfully shows why many are so closely related to our work lives. In a new and radically different way, using historical facts, Hartman broadens the way we look at the value of Jesus in our lives. Jesus becomes a sacred companion that we will not want to leave behind when we start our days.

The primary focus of the book is to help people develop sustainable and productive
careers, while staying true to the values of Christian ethics. The book focuses on self-worth not our net worth in making the right decisions in life and our careers. It examines not just, “What would Jesus do?”, but peels back the mystery by showing what Jesus really did.

The reader will be propelled along in a hard to put down book; through captivating
stories and easy to grasp concepts. When finished, we all will bring the book along with us each day, pondering and considering what we should do next.

Jesus & Co. is a wonderful journey into the world of business through the eyes of Jesus.
Every reader will be transformed and encouraged. Once you have captured the truths found in this book you will never see the gospels the same as you apply the principle to every step you take.