More Upheaval on the Way for NFL Week 13?

Published on November 28, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

Pigskin Pundit: Week 13

More upheaval this week as the league once again proved hard to pick. Who knew Baker Mayfield would find a line of spite with which to bite his former coach, only one week removed from the top job in Cleveland? At this point, the leaders are finally acting like it, while all the others are stumbling along towards whatever playoff openings are still left for backing into. I really don’t expect anybody else to surprise at this point, now or once we are into the post-season.

I’m 9-6 this week, and now 94-63 for the year.

Here we go!

New Orleans at Dallas – The Saints march on towards the best record in football this season. Dallas won’t stop them, but expect a spirited contest.
Baltimore at Atlanta – Who soars in this battle of the birds? The Ravens have more on the line, and it’s time they played like it. Blackbirds.
Carolina at Tampa – The Panthers are so close to not getting into the playoffs, they MUST find a way to beat teams like Tampa on the road. Newton’s Law rules.
Chicago at NYG – No time for the Bears to hibernate now, got a division to win.
Buffalo at Miami – These are the picks that drive me crazy, two teams going nowhere. Dolphins at home.
Indy at Jacksonville – Reich’s turnaround is nice to see. Luck plucks a win in Jax.
Cleveland at Houston – Billy O’Brien’s gunslingers have found their groove. Watch out, AFC!
Denver at Cincy – Orange Crush over Orange Cats. Marv Lewis is done…again.
LA Rams at Lions – LA is still ablaze – just watch! Rams slam the Patricians.
Arizona at GB – Rodgers cannot save this season, but he will save this game. Packers.
KC at Oakland – Bueller? Bueller? Anybody? Mahomes returns with a vengeance.
NYJ at Tennessee – Titans at home will be more than Gang Green can get over. Krakens released.
SF at Seattle – The Squawks are masters of their own destiny at this point. Niners are master of none.
Minnesota at NE– The Vikes looked…okay last week, but not like a powerhouse. NE is shaky, but not so much at home late. The Minutemen hold Lexington & Concord.
LAC at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh needs this game more – and they will find a way, with Melvin Gordon out.
DC at Philly – Can the real McCoy keep DC above Philly? Don’t think so. Eagles ugly.