Female Preacher Has Bro REPENT To All Women – We Call BS On This Mess

Written by Doug Giles on November 8, 2018

Man-hating is the soup du jour in postmodernism and, unfortunately, it has infected the church. Rich and Doug put this silliness on FULL BLAST. Enjoy.

The #MeToo movement has gone waaaaay too far.

It has moved light-years from its roots as a way for women to speak freely about sexual assault and harassment that they had been subjected to.

In the attempt to ‘raise awareness’ of the prevalence of the sexual harassment and assault of women, a whole bunch of women jumped on the bandwagon and claimed that their unpleasant sexual encounter or an awkward attempt at flirting was the same as rape.

Matt Damon was lambasted by the #MeToo crowd for making a reasonable comment on the movement and what it means to society. He had said that there is a difference between smacking someone’s butt and rape, but insisted that both behaviors needed to be ‘confronted and eradicated, but shouldn’t be conflated’.

It’s become full-on ‘toxic femininity’ that expresses itself in manhating.

And now, it’s beginning to infect the Church.

Doug and Rich have a whole lot to say about the anti-Biblical #MeToo movement and what marriage should really be like.

Check out this rough dose of reality:

Newsflash Ladies, men no likey when you act like a psycho hosebeast. A little kindness, a whole lot less nagging, and not shunning sex goes a helluva long way to keep your marriage healthy.

And… Forgiveness! Who’d have thunk it!

God literally wrote a whole book about it.

Maybe those MeToo chicks should flip through that and learn a thing or two.

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