Girl Beats The Bejesus Out Of Bully In A NASTY School Brawl (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 21, 2018

Broward County Florida just made the news… again. That Obama-endorsed Promise Program doesn’t seem to be helping any.

Remember that PROMISE program that was under so much scrutiny after the disgruntled punk shot up the high school last Valentines Day?

Here’s footage of another time that system has completely failed. As the girls involved are only 15, names, although published elsewhere, will be withheld.

The big girl in this assault obviously has no fear of authority or consequences.

She knows she’s far bigger than her victim.

She knows nobody will have the guts to intervene (for various reasons).

And she expects that whatever consequence they hit her with will be a slap on the wrist compared to the satisfaction she has from being feared as the ‘top dog’ in her closed little public school ecosystem.

Offended by something that’s been said in her biology class, the big girl stands up, walks around the desk and start’s wailing on the smaller student who didn’t even have a chance to get out of her chair.

Not only is the victim being thrown around like a rag doll, while having her head slammed into a desk, worse still NOBODY in that full classroom dares to intervene. Someone ran for a resource officer. But that would take time.

In the interim, nobody intervened. Not even the teacher.

Here’s the second half of the footage:

The video with the comments in the tweets is significant. This is, aftar all, Broward County. The man tweeting this clip is father of one of the victims killed in the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high. You could say he’s got a stake in this story.

What’s likely to come of this situation?

Well, the attacker (15) and her brother (17) have been pulled out of the school by the family. The attacker’s mother had this statement about the incident.

“I don’t think any parent should have to watch their daughter get hit like that ore beaten like that,” [the attacker’s mother] said. “I sincerely apologize to that family.”

Broward County Public school released a statement following the brawl saying that a school resource officer responded to the teachers call for help.

Parents are stunned as they watch the video that has circulated all over social media.

Students say that the fight is all anybody is talking about.

[the attacker] is facing misdemeanor battery charges.
Source: WHDH

For her side of the story, the aggressor said this was a reaction to a long time of being bullied and harassed by a group of classmates, including being called fat and ugly, and threatened with being ‘jumped’.

“They called me ugly, they called me a fat [expletive], they said that they wanted to jump me,” [the aggressor] said.

The 15-year-old who fractured her hand punching her classmate said she’s been repeatedly bullied by the girl in the video, as well as other classmates. [The aggressor] said she’s endured verbal abuse and threats that go back when they were in middle school together.
Source: WSVN

Fractured her hand by punching someone who clearly was in a defensive shell for the whole time?

That’s no little catfight. That’s a brawl.

She’s lucky they’re not pressing for charges.

Does legislation need to be addressed so that teachers can step in and break up a fight like this without any fear of litigation or firing? Something like the Good Samaritan law?’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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