Is It True That Muslims Cannot Assimilate Into American Culture?

Written by Dan Perkins on November 27, 2018

Co-authored by:

Dan Perkins and IQ al Rassooli

To the best of our knowledge, this may be the first commentary written by a Christian and a former Muslim about the likelihood of Muslims emigrants who arrive in non-Muslim countries like America and will never assimilate into the local or national culture.

Dan: Mr. al Rassooli you are an authority on Islamic law called Sharia. You have written several books on the subject of the Muslim Faith.  I would like to ask one fundamental question that is of concern to many who understand some of the messages for Mohammad, what is the possibility that Muslims immigrating to America will assimilate into our culture?

IQ: Mr. al Rassooli says, most readers can only be convinced when I address this subject based entirely upon the Islamic sources so that no one can accuse me of deception hence let me respond to your questions with verses from Muhammad’s Quran.

Al Mai’da 5:51 “O ye who believe (Muslims)! Take not the Jew (Yahood) and the Christians (Nasara) for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other.  And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them”

The implications of the last sentence is of immense importance “And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them” means that any followers of Muhammad who befriend or are under the rule of Christians or Jews (or any non-Muslim group) would be considered Apostates to Islam, outsiders to Islam, enemies of Islam who must be slaughtered.

In a nutshell, no Muslim in America (or any other non-Muslim country) can ever be loyal to the American Constitution because it is Man Made Not from Allah’s Sharia nor can any Muslim be a loyal citizen because non-Muslim Americans are called Infidels, Kuffar, Unbelievers, Kafiroon to be either subjugated or exterminated.

Dan: Why is that the Muslim religious leaders and others seem to try and convince us that the Muslim faith is a religion of peace by quoting different passages from the Quran that are conciliatory and peace loving?

IQ: “It is imperative that Americans understand that Muhammad’s Quran has destructive contradictions whereby Muslim clerics and leaders choose the conciliatory and peaceful verses of the Mecca Period instead of the hate-mongering, warmongering ones from the Medina Period to deceive Quran ignorant peoples how much they are actually despised by Muslims.

Dan:  With the mass immigration from the Middle East into Europe we have seen the proliferation of “No Go Zones” in many parts of Europe. It appears based not only on the Muslims’ actions but the political correctness of many of the government’s unwillingness to challenge the Muslim enclaves are actually subdividing countries like France, Germany, and other nations can “No Go Zones” come to America?

IQ: These ”No Go Zones” are the way proving my assertion that Muslims are refusing to assimilate or integrate among non-Muslims thus they are in fact subdividing the nation-state and expanding their influence in the country.  The “No Go” enclaves are in fact as you said, sectioning a country like France into mini Muslim states. As the Muslim population expands and new enclaves are added the time will come in the very near future that they will take control of the state.

The United States is much larger than any nation in Europe regarding size, geography, and population but Muslims are growing rapidly with more of them being allowed in the USA.  As of the most recent data, Muslims are at least 3% of the population of the state of New Jersey. But other states like Texas, Minnesota, Michigan and California have Muslim populations that are increasing. Just as in Europe they are trying in America to divide and conquer.

Dan: One last question, many people in America and more around the rest of the world have raised the question of why don’t the moderate Muslims stand up and do something about the radical factions of their religion?

IQ: This is one of the greatest misunderstandings of the West. They believe that the Muslim faith is much like other religions of the world that would have conservative, moderate, and liberal factions in its structure. In the case of the Muslim faith, one is either a Muslim or an infidel nonbeliever.  There are no shades in Islam such as Moderate, Militant, Extremist or Radical anywhere in the world just as no one ever used these adjectives regarding Communists or Nazis.

Muhammad told his followers that they were a chosen people by Allah to lead the people of the world to the end of times. In the end, there will be two kinds of people: true believers (Muslims) and infidels. The believers will at the end join Allah, and the infidels will go to hell.  At the beginning of this discussion I said, Muslim clerics and leaders choose the conciliatory and peaceful verses to deceive Quran ignorant peoples how much they are despised by true believers.

For now, the Muslim faith is the least understood in the world. Muhammad started this faith in 610 AD, and the vast majority of the laws remain intact from the time.

Muslims believe that they need not change because the rest of the world must adjust to the Quran. Muslims will never assimilate into the American, European, Chinese, Indian or any other not Islamic culture.  Make no mistake that they are the fastest and most regimented and focused growing population in the world because they have many children outpacing the growth rate of the rest of the world.

Keep in mind that Muslims are now in 57 Muslim majority countries and embedded in almost every other nation on Earth.

IQ al-Rassooli is an Iraqi-born native Arabic-speaker and passionate supporter of the USA. He has dedicated much of his life to the study and critical analysis of Muhammad, his Quran, Hadiths, Shariah, Arabic and Islamic history, as well as comparative studies of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, Zoroastrian (Persian) beliefs and pagan Arab religions becoming an authority on these volatile subjects.

He describes this body of work as “the most thorough study of Islam humanly possible”. IQ al-Rassooli’s trilogy titled,  Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad
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