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IT’S OFFICIAL: Sneaky Snipes RESIGNS Supervising Broward Co’s Elections

Just like that, the least competent Election Supervisor in America is finally out of a job.

(And there was much rejoicing.)

In the superheated rhetoric of the last few election cycles, one of the few things that both right and left can agree on is how BADLY Florida has mishandled elections.

The problem wasn’t “all” of Florida, either… it was a few places in particular with one key consistently under-performing area: Broward County.

On Sunday night, Snipes resigned the post she’s held since 2003, just after the infamous George W. Bush-Al Gore recount of 2000. As TheBlaze has covered, she has been one of the most controversial figures in a decidedly contentious contest in Florida.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, her resignation is dated to be effective in January, which would mean her successor will likely be appointed by Republican Rick DeSantis, who will then be governor, rather than by outgoing Republican Rick Scott, who defeated incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson on Sunday and will, by then, be the next senator.

On Sunday, on the day of her resignation, her canvassing board met a deadline for submitting vote totals in the recount… something they had failed to do twice already. That finish line was reached only after multiple lawsuits, extensive media coverage, and semi-permanent protests outside the offices where the recount took place.
Source: Blaze

After a series of mistakes that would have strained audience disbelief in any parody skit, we finally have some winners in Florida (including the Republican Candidates for Senator and Governor).

Even there, we still don’t know where a whole whack of what are being called ‘magic’ ballots came from — you guessed it, Broward County — to put the Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, Fried, into the lead. (That position makes important decisions about CC permit policy.)

The makeover seemed to have worked. But then it didn’t. On election night, he won by a slim half point. At the end of the manual recount, that lead had long vanished and his deficit exceeded 6,700 votes.

The recount was not an easy one for either candidate. Caldwell, who trailed by 5,307 votes heading into the manual recount, sued Broward’s elections supervisor after more than 2,000 ballots were misplaced during its machine recount. As a result, the county’s canvassing board submitted a combined version of its manual recount totals and original unofficial totals. That decision put Caldwell further behind Fried
Source: MiamiHerald

When the recounts were all finished Fried was up by 6,753 votes.

Was it a legit count? Was it tainted by incompetence or even deliberate wrongdoing?

There were so many ‘issues’ along the way we will probably never know for sure which mistakes were incompetence and which ones were deliberate.

All we can say for sure, is that whoever replaces her couldn’t possibly do any worse a job than Brenda Snipes… could they?

Then again, we’re talking about Broward County, home to all manner of ignorance and incompetence, confusion and corruption.

Sheriff Israel and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (best remembered for her somehow-not-rotting-in-prison IT team and being rewarded with working on Hillary’s campaign team after rigging the Democrat primaries for her) both hail from Broward.

Let’s steer clear of the ‘how could it be worse’ question… just in case Floridians are up to the challenge.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck