WATCH: Leftists Physically Attack Trump Enthusiasts For Protesting CNN – Would You Retaliate?

Written by Wes Walker on November 19, 2018

    • Now that everyone’s got a camera in their pocket, you can’t get away with stupid stunts like this.

If you’ve ever wondered what people REALLY mean when we say someone got ‘triggered’, just watch this giant cry-baby tantrum.

A few Trump supporters stood on a street, flying some of their favorite political flags and slogans.

Old Glory was waving, there were some red-and-white MAGA themed shirts, as well as the Gadsden Flag and some Trump political yard signs.

They were having a good time showing support in a lawful assembly.

Someone couldn’t stand that they were doing exactly that. He decided to ‘do something’ about it.

In what can only be described as a flailing, fit of rage, one #Resistance Drone he ran across the street toward the group, fists flying. (It’s roughly at the 30-second mark)

It was sad, really.

The attacker (if we can even call him that) got hit in the leg with some kind of a baton and he collapsed to the sidewalk in the fetal position in a gibbering fit of incoherent ranting. He tried to engage again and was told he’d be pepper sprayed if he tried it.

The cop’s first question to the attacker sitting on the ground was if he needed an ambulance. How embarassing.

Blah blah blah… “go to Hell”… blah blah blah … “you are all going to jail”…

All that ‘brave’ trash talk as he just sits on the ground in a pathetic, defeated heap.

The Republican demonstrators only used as much force as the situation required to stop the threat.

That’s EXACTLY how this is supposed to work. Not like the other side that hides behind masks and hits random passers-by — women, even — with pepper spray.

Compare the restraint by the Trump supporters in that clip with this contemptible display of actual mob behavior:

This tweet of another one makes a very keen observation:

So, if one of these candy@ss Anarchists tries to mix it up with you would you #WalkAway because they’re not really worth it?

Or are you more likely to send a message to the others and “knock him the F**K out”?

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