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LMAO: Avenatti’s New Campaign Slogan Has Internet Mocking Him… Again

If you thought Hillary lingers like an unwelcome houseguest, wait until Creepy Porn Lawyer really gets going.

His latest campaign uses the keywords: Fight Club.

That’s entirely new, never been used before, and totally not a trademark violation, right?

Or will lawyers from 20th Century Fox be telling him #Basta?

One thing we can say about him, Avenatti isn’t a quitter. Look at all the stupidity adversity he’s overcome so far.

–His defamation suit against the president backfired.

–His smear attempt on now-Justice Kavanaugh wasn’t even taken seriously by his OWN party.

–He was told by a judge to choose between being representing his client and a being a TV personality… because he couldn’t properly do both

–His attempt to profit from ‘helping’ the O’Rourke Campaign in Texas was even called out by the Left as ‘skeezy‘ (oh, and half of any proceeds would have gone to … Avenatti)

— A week or two ago, a Judge slammed him with a $4.8 million dollar judgment for unpaid debt, and ordered his law firm evicted.

And the big one:

Grassley referred Swetnick and her lawyer Michael Avenatti to the Justice Department for a potential criminal investigation into whether they made false statements to Congress about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
Source: The Hill

Not realizing that he’s quickly becoming the Left’s answer to Alex Jones, the Creepy Porn Lawyer has doubled down and is launching his campaign.

“Fight Club”

Get it? He’s a ‘fighter’ in the ‘resistance’ and he once challenged Donald Trump Jr to a charity MMA match? Not everyone was impressed by that stunt.

Some people with actual MMA experience offered to meet him there for a charity match — Dan Bongino, among others — and he suddenly stopped talking about it.

But he’s still going with ‘fight club’ for his campaign slogan.

So when the Left-wing media complains about the ‘overheated’ rhetoric of Trump causing violence in the streets, this guy is posturing with violent language.

Is CPL really stupid enough to be modeling himself after Tyler Durden? Ok, probably, yeah.

Lead character from “Fight Club” — Tyler Durden was an amoral psychopath who was actively raising a violent activist group to overthrow society. (And then there was that spoiler in the end, eh? Pretty much the opposite of #StableGenius)

Mobs not jobs, right?

He may find he’s got more important things to do than campaign

Don’t get us wrong. We WANT him to be the face of the Democrat party. That would be epic.

But is that really what the Democrats want? Be careful what you wish for.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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