Michelle Obama, Only Because She Said It

Written by Bill Martinez on November 15, 2018

Five Takeaways from Her Interview With Robin Roberts
She talks about prejudice and racism not at the hands of whites, but from blacks in her own neighborhood.  The peer pressure was there for uppity blacks who spoke different as she said.
She said she will not forgive President Trump for bringing up Barack’s birth certificate, because of the danger it put her family in. Did she forget that it was Hillary and other Democrats who first questioned candidate Obama’s legitimacy regarding his birth certificate.  And of course some of this originated from Obama’s own publicity for his book which stated he was from Kenya.  And by the way, this PR piece had been out for several years prior.
So the question was why didn’t President Obama just present his birth certificate to clear up matters once and for all.  So he did, he placed on the government web site. But it only added to the whole conspiracy because the birth certificate he proffered was a total fraud.  Now everyone is a racist because the Obamas cannot or refuse to be forthright and truthful.  
It’s like when your kid has cookie crumbs all over his hands and face and insists he didn’t get into the cookie jar.  Eventually, for the sake of some sort of peace, you accept the lie and move on because you have more important things to handle, right? 
What is it about Democrats who refuse the truth and then claim insult when they ignite conspiracies predicated by their own actions, deceptions and lies?   And don’t ask where the Main Stream Media is? They are right where they and the DNC wants them to be, serving a limited constituency at the expense of the Democratic Republic and WTP.  Memo to the MSM, we need you to do your job, really.  A free, honest and objective press is critical to our survival as a free nation.
The former first lady talks about unity and is toned deaf as she maligns the half of America that disagrees with her political point of view.  You see how people respond to her and the potential good that could be.  However, her attachment to a persecuted black America world view limits her and the former President’s potential for true and lasting liberation for all.  
I know, the hope of many Americans when the first Black American was elected to be President was that the aged persecution of blacks would be finally placed in their proper historic and valid perspective. Forgiveness and mercy would reign, and we could move forward in unity. Remember, it was candidate Barack Obama stating that it wasn’t about right and left, Democrat or Republican, it was about America. Most of America heard him and believed him.
Sadly, it was only political rhetoric, because what followed was an arrogant perspective that elections had consequences, he was now in charge.  One lie followed another, from keeping your doctor, healthcare for all and less, a radical video by a Muslim film maker killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, Fast & Furious, sadly eight years of one lie after another.
As Senator Richard Blumenthal is his “drop the mic” moment hypocritically cites,  “Falsus in uno, Falsus in Omnibus- False in one thing, false in everything.” With that admission, the only thing missing was his departure and others who should have taken the next plane out of the beltway to make room for legislators committed to truth, justice and the real American way.
Blumenthal’s admonition is fitting for all of us. Americans deserve honor, dignity, integrity, an example of civility and service from our elected officials.  Our country and our government is filled with elected officials, and bureaucrats who are dedicated to the demise of our Declaration of Independence as well as our US Constitution.  
It is past time that America wakes up to see the enemy amongst us.  Political correctness, bullying and shaming, rigged elections and overwhelming and obvious corruption is destroying this great American experiment.  
And for many who ask, what do we get in exchange? Barack Obama called for a fundamental transformation of our government.  My question then is the same today, fundamental transformation to what? 
The Obamas were clearly driven to right the perceived wrongs of what they believe is an oppressive society.  For them it was about social injustice and they believed it was their manifest destiny to solve all of America’s and the world’s ills.
Thank God, though many believed Obama to be the savior of the world, he proved not to be.  Something this grand was beyond his capacity and ability.  Memo to all, the Savior of the World has already been identified and it’s not Barack Obama.
Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live. Find out more at billmartinezlive.com