Stable Genius: Cali Admits Trump Is Correct About The Cause Of Their Wildfires

Sorry Liberals. Your attempts to blame the California fires on Trump's 'backward' environmental policy has just failed.

Written by Wes Walker on November 21, 2018

Sorry Liberals. Your attempts to blame the California fires on Trump’s ‘backward’ environmental policy has just failed.

Worse still, Trump was right on target when he pointed to the real cause.

The Left blamed the fires on the alleged global climate crisis.

Trump pointed to something a little more tangible… decades of reckless policy in their forest management.

The Left reacted with their predictable outrage when Trump said that was the case.

But it turns out the left could not have been more…

Two months ago, the state legislature enacted a measure that would expedite the removal of dead trees and use “prescribed burns” to thin forests. In other words: the very same reforms that Trump is now being mocked for proposing. The September law followed a Gov. Jerry Brown executive order earlier this year that also called for “controlled fires” to improve forest health.

This scientific approach isn’t easily conveyed in Trump’s preferred mode of communication, the 280-character tweet. But University of California forest expert Yana Valachovic conceded in a Washington Post interview that Trump’s “general sentiment is correct — that we need to manage fuels.” That is, to get rid of dangerous buildups of dead and dying trees.
Source: NYPost

Looks like the kneejerk ‘OrangeManbad‘ response was just as worthless here as it was in the economic and foreign policy.

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