THIS IS CNN: Alisyn Camerata Says That Thousands Of Migrants Rushing The Border PROVES That We Don’t Need A Wall

Written by Wes Walker on November 27, 2018

CNN’s Camerata isn’t even pretending to be objective news anymore.

She’s not just lying about the facts on the ground, she’s moved into mind-reading, too!

CNN has a lot invested in portraying this group of ‘refugees’ as docile, sweet, and law-abiding.

After all, Acosta lost his press pass while trying to insist this was the case.

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Watch his colleagues on CNN look for ways to spin and downplay the seriousness of the ‘caravan’ bum-rushing the border wall.

If nobody breached the border, how is it that, on your own network, a border agent reported that

“…42 crossed the border and were arrested,” Scott said, adding one group breached a section of the border fence and rushed at police — but were held back using “riot techniques.”
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So, according to CNN’s own reporting, CNN’s Camerata is ‘fake news’. That’s an outright lie.

But she missed the fact that the only reason they didn’t ALL stream through that wall is because there was a surge of government agents moved to that point on the border to repel exactly such an attempt. And even now, others in the press are deseperately trying to spin this as a cruel and vindictive American response to good-faith attempts to seek asylum.

They were chucking projectiles at law enforcement and rather than surrendering to authorities and requesting asylum papers, they tried to go right on past them.

As for what she’s saying about Tijuana? Organizers were obviously going on ahead of them, preparing food, lodging, first aid, security and (in many cases) transportation to their eventual destination of the US border. They weren’t actively CHOOSING their path. Someone was very obviously orchestrating it.

But CNN has long since given up on just reporting the events as they happen. Everything, it seems, now has to be reported as a zero-sum game of how it can hurt Trump and help the Left. That would be fine if they were openly partisan, like MSNBC or the opinoin hosts on Fox. But they claim to be ‘objective news’.

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