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WTF? Neil Young Attacks Trump After Losing His Home In Cali Blaze – No, This Isn’t Satire

Would losing your home in a wildfire make you emotional? Sure. But being pissed at the President over it? Come On!

Donald J Trump is NOT responsible for the fire that is raging in California.

But it makes someone feel good to have a scapegoat, doesn’t it?

“California is vulnerable – not because of poor forest management as DT (our so-called president) would have us think,” Young wrote on his website. “We are vulnerable because of climate change; the extreme weather events and our extended drought is part of it.”

He continued, “Our temperatures as higher than ever here in our hottest summer on record. That has not helped. DT seems to be the denier. (I’m holding back and not using the word liar just because it rhymes with denier.) It really is time for a reckoning with this unfit leader. Maybe our new Congress can help. I sure hope so.”

Young went on to argue that, despite ample preparation, the blazes were “something bigger than we have ever seen,” adding, “Firefighters have never seen anything like this in their lives. I have heard that said countless times in the past two days, and I have lost my home before to a California fire, now another.”

Returning to Trump and climate change, he said, “Imagine a leader who defies science, saying these solutions shouldn’t be part of his decision-making on our behalf. Imagine a leader who cares for his own, convenient opinion than he does for the people he leads. Imagine an unfit leader. Now imagine a fit one.”
Source: UltimateClassicRock

He claims Trump is a ‘denier’ for saying this is a forest management problem?

A quick search before running his mouth would have been helpful to him.

California has an invasive species.

In the 1850s, Eucalyptus trees were introduced to California by Australians during the California Gold Rush. Much of California has a similar climate to parts of Australia. By the early 1900s, thousands of acres of eucalypts were planted with the encouragement of the state government.
Source: Wiki

That particular invasive species has some unusual characteristics:

The tree sheds bark and dead leaves, which make a perfect pile of tinder under the tree too. When the oils in the tree heat up, the plant releases flammable gas, which ignites into a fireball. This accelerates the eucalyptus fire hazards in a region and discourages firefighting efforts. Apr 4, 2018
Source: Gardening Know-how

Human-introduced trees that can turn into fireballs?

That doesn’t really sound like a climate change issue, does it?

It almost sounds like…

A forest management issue, doesn’t it?

Now who might have said something like that?

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