Are We Looking at Another ‘Bloodbath’ in NFL Week 16?

Published on December 19, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

Pigskin Pundit Week 16

Week 15 was a bloodbath for my picks, as the league repeatedly showed that it’s about as stable as the Russian economy. Teams that should be putting an exclamation point on their dominance are losing to teams that have nothing to gain regarding the post season….and I should have picked with my heart rather than my head, because it makes about as much sense, and I would have gotten the Chargers and Browns correct had I done so. Woulda, coulda, shoulda…Like the Patriots’ offense, proving they are the “Can’t Clinch Kids” as they committed yet another road atrocity, dropping a pair in December for only the second time in the Brady era. Time to grow a pair, New England! Crunch time, but not every team is playing “crunchy”. Neither am I, at 6-10 for the week, and 118-87 for the season (60%).

Here we go!

Redskins at Titans – The Redskins spitted the legless Jags last week (goodbye, Marrone), while Tennessee pitched a shutout to the Jints. Heart AND head say Titans at home this week.
Ravens at Chargers – This game should be fascinating, as the most balanced AFC team takes on the top defense in this wildcard challenge. I should have taken the Chargers last week, wont’ make that mistake again. Bolts stay fully charged in the land of the electric car.
Bengals at Browns – The feisty Browns are the hot growth stock of the NFL right now. They beat Cincy in Cincy already, and I expect the same result in the second Battle of Ohio. As Spinal Tap would say, Hello, Cleveland!!
Bucs at Cowboys – Tampa has put 70 more pts on the board than Dallas…but they have surrendered 134 more pts than Dallas. With Philly’s resurgence late, the Cowboys need to keep winning. Stetsons.
Vikings at Lions – Detroit got rebuffed in Buffalo. Vikes are kissing Cousins after this road win in Motor City keeps their wild card hopes alive.
Bills at Patriots – Watch the Bills come in all fired up and scare the tar out of us Pats fans. We haven’t seen a good game since Minnesota…seems like months. Pats in an unexpected squeaker.
Packers at Jets – The Packers are beat up, but still better. The Cheese stands alone in Gotham.
Texans at Eagles – This is Houston’s trap game – Eagles defend the nest against the West.
Falcons at Panthers – The Panthers should win this. Falcs fizzle in Charlotte.
Giants at Colts – The team that got blanked last week against the team that did some blanking last week. I think Frank is on the Reich track in Indy. Colts bolt into wild card contention.
Jags at Dolphins – Dear God…who is going to watch this snoozer? Dolphins sing “O Tannehill” for Xmas.
Rams at Cards – LA gets Ram tough and rises from the ashes in Phoenix.
Bears at Niners – Bears leave their hearts in San Francisco…but take a road win home.
Steelers at Saints – If Pittsburgh plays D like they did at home last week…nah, nope. This ain’t the Pats. Nawlins keeps haulin’ along to victory.
Chiefs at Seahawks – Interesting game, as Seattle is tied for 2nd best defense in the NFC and KC has given up almost 90 more points. I call this a pick ‘em. Seahawks cuz they want the ‘card.
Broncos at Raiders – Broncs are out and Faders are out, so…I’m out. Orange is the new Black. Broncs.

Enjoy the games!

photo credit: Keith Allison Alex Smith via photopin (license)