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Four Presidents Later: Does The Media Feel Any Remorse now? And Will They Next Time?

*** Submitted by Mike Busler ***

Americans were glued to their TV’s and other electronic devices to watch the burial of the 41 st President of the United States. Many of us recalled a kind and gentle man with extreme courage and love of country; a man who led the country through turmoil while gaining some very significant achievements. Without exception, every media outlet praised President Bush. However, it was not always that way.

Often the mainstream media mistook kindness for weakness, even going so far as to call this war hero a “wimp.” Today, of course, they seem to feel at least some remorse.

That means the mainstream media is feeling “deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed.” If someone truly feels remorse, then they should try to reverse any similar wrong they may currently be committing. Considering at least three studies have shown that more than 90% ofPresident Trump’s media coverage is negative, perhaps that’s a wrong that should be corrected.

In fact, from the time that the results of the presidential election were released in November 2016 the media has been writing about Trump with a definite negative bias. This bias has hindered Trump’s ability to move the nation forward. It has also helped to convince a significant portion of Americans that Trump is an evil man, hell bent on destroying Democracy. In 20 years or so, America could be watching the funeral of former President Donald Trump. It could happen that Trump’s policies provided very positive results. Already his accomplishments are substantial, especially considering every Democrat in Congress votes against him, some members of his own party continue to be “never Trumper’s” and 90% of his media coverage is negative.

Suppose though, his economic policies resulted in a big growth spurt so that in 2020 the economy grew at a 7% annual rate. That’s about the growth rate in 1984, just two years after the Reagan tax cut in 1982. Suppose the high growth rate provided opportunities for all Americans as growth remained above 4% for most of his last five years in office. College graduates would longer be underemployed so that their incomes easily carry their college debt and provided a nice lifestyle. Discouraged workers would come back into the labor market and find jobs paying enough to at least support them on their own. Millions more people will be working.

Many families, who had been trapped into the welfare state, would become self-sufficient. Income inequality would have been reduced. Consumer confidence would have stayed at very high levels meaning Americans felt more secure.

Suppose further, he coaxed Congress into finally passing immigration legislation. Suppose the trade war he fought in 2018 and 2019 led to European and Asian markets being opened up to American producers. And suppose he was able to protect American intellectual property. Suppose Trump negotiated a new treaty with Iran that truly insured Iran would never have a nuclear weapon. Suppose he also negotiated with North Korea which then became a completely nuclear free country and started to participate in the global economy.

And finally suppose he brought members from both sides of the aisle together to come up with a health care law that lowered the cost, improved the quality and increased coverage. While all of that may seem nearly impossible for any president to accomplish, Trump could accomplish those things. If he does, how will the media react at the end of his life. Will they be remorseful?

Americans would be feeling more freedom, more independence and more security. Some will argue that Trump did not do enough to solve problems with the environment. Or that he wasn’t more compassionate with social programs. Others will say he put too many conservative judges on the bench which means for years the courts too may be less compassionate.

Overall though, Trump could be remembered as a president who restored the principles of freedom and individual responsibility. He was the one who brought Americans true economic prosperity and more security. And he did this will facing tremendous obstacles.

If only the media had been more objective. Trump could have accomplished even more. Will the media then feel “deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed?”

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