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Clash Quiz: How Much Money Did Obama Secretly Give To Illegals – $50? $713? Or $310 Million?

Obama’s priority of Fundamentally Transforming America was no secret, but how far was he willing to go to achieve it?

Even CNN acknowledged that some of the rise in military accidents we’ve been seeing can be traced back to underfunding, which directly impacted readiness, training, and staffing levels. USS John S McCain was one of several such accidents that led to fatalities.

Remember the Sequester? Obama wanted money to pour into NON-military spending. Every bump in the military budget was suddenly twice the price.

Ever wonder what he did with all the ‘matching’ funds?

He supported other initiatives he found much more to his liking.

And if funding them colors outside the lines, and breaks a few laws, why worry? He had a lot of sympathetic players in high places quite willing to cover for him. Remember, even Eric Holder called himself ‘Obama’s Wingman’. And with some of the internal conversations, we’ve seen with McCabe, Comey, Strzok etcetera, why SHOULD he have anything to worry about?

Obama and Soros are two of a kind, ideologically. ‘Progressives’ think that’s a good thing, and try not to think about the economies Soros has deliberately crippled to make all that money he lavishes on them. For some people, the ends justify the means.

Keep that idea in mind as we unpack what Obama did with all that ‘extra’ taxpayer money.

The Obama administration approved $310 million in free legal advice to young illegal immigrants despite federal law barring charging taxpayers for helping immigrants avoid deportation, according to a new report.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute said that the funding was provided to a top legal defense group to help unaccompanied alien children under the age of 18 land with a sponsor in the U.S.

In 2015 and 2016, contracts reviewed by IRLI showed that several worth $310 million went to one nonprofit legal group, the Vera Institute of Justice. A top director has ties to liberal philanthropist George Soros.
Source: Washington Examiner

Oh, look, there’s that name again. Any guesses why he’s the guy the right points out as a direct threat to the overall success of our American Experiment? Maybe because he is trying to hijack it for his own ends?

So what, you might ask. Some lawyers got paid. What’s the big deal?

Good question. The answer’s even better.

The Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 292, states that aliens in removal proceedings “shall have the privilege of being represented (at no expense to the Government).” Immigrant special interest groups, sometimes on behalf of unaccompanied minors, have tried since 1996 to challenge this section, claiming it violates aliens’ rights. Federal courts have always rejected these claims.

Even though the use of federal funds to provide direct representation to UACs appears to violate federal law, the Obama administration continued to provide funding to Vera for these illegal aliens, knowing that taxpayers would face significant hurdles if they attempted to sue the federal government to halt the payments. To date, HHS has obligated over $232 million to Vera, with its network of legal services subcontractors, to provide these services, and HHS likely plans to obligate the $78 million remaining on the contracts.
Source: Immigration Reform Law Institute

It’s not the only taxpayer money his administration was throwing around, either.

Judicial Watch: State Department Records Show Obama Administration Helped Fund George Soros’ Left-Wing Political Activities in Albania

It’s almost as though Team Obama thought We The People exist primarily as a Means to His Ends.

And he has the moxy to scold us about the ‘threat’ Trump has been to democracy?

It makes one wonder, how many other such ‘Instututes’ are out there, working to undermine our rule of law?

Should ‘Vera Institute of Justice’ be delisted as a charity, and be made to repay the hundreds of millions they’ve improperly billed to taxpayers?

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Wes Walker

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