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Heading into NFL Week 14, One Team Seems, Umm, Over-Caffeinated?

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

Pigskin Pundit Week 14

Teams making a case for the post-season are fun to watch, like Seattle, who seems to have been slurping some caffeine-boosted dark roast these days. Mike McCarthy is out in GB, and the Packers’ mission at this point is to finish ahead of Detroit. Small taters. I went 10-6 this week, and stand at 104-69 for the season.

Here we go!

Jags at Titans – Six points ain’t gonna do it on the road in Tennessee. Marrone loses his job in a few weeks.
Jets at Bills – Jets take off their shirts like Bills fans, and win naked and ugly on the road.
Giants at Redskins – I think the Jints have enough to beat DC…and they will make me look stupid and lay an egg on the road. But I’m still picking them.
Saints at Bucs – Revenge of the Christians, as they hang the pirates on the gallows of divisional enmity.
Patriots at Dolphins – This is usually the game Miami beats NE, because nothing matters. This matters. Pats work hard enough in sunny Miami for home field in January.
Ravens at Chiefs – We’ll see how bad Harbaugh wants a wildcard spot. Tough contest, but this isn’t the same Chiefs offense, and they have no defense. Ravens scrap out a D-win.
Colts at Texans – Texans will break the Colts and ride them to another victory.
Falcons at Packers – Packer Backers pray for cold to freeze the next batch of Sun Birds to invade the North. Falcons find road magic in Ryan’s Hope.
Panthers at Browns – I’m over Cam, and all in on Cleveland. Let the new era begin in Ohio!
Broncos at Niners – The Broncs are just better, period. Even at sea level. Vance has no chance avoiding the sack at season’s end, but Orange finds gold in SF.
Bengals at Chargers – No way Marvin Lewis beats this electrifying team at home. Bolts jolt the dolts.
Lions at Cardinals – Why should the Cards surrender home field to another weakling from the NFC North? Lions get a sunburn and nothing else in Phoenix.
Steelers at Raiders – The Faders put a crimp in the Chiefs’ sphincters last week. But the Steelers play some D. Black & Gold over Black & Silver.
Eagles at Cowboys – Dallas is lazered on making the post-season, and stifling the Saints’ has given them new confidence…a powerful elixir in December. Cowboys down the Cheesesteaks.
Rams at Bears – With their berth clinched, LA looks to stay hungry. Foot stays on the accelerator in the Bears’ lair. Rams tough.
Vikes at Seahawks – Purple haze is fading away, after their open frustration in NE last week. Bet the Beaks this week.

Enjoy the games!

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