LMAO: Bill & Hillary’s Speaking Tour Is Tanking – Look What They’ve Resorted To

Written by Wes Walker on December 8, 2018

Her old nemesis Trump is still filling stadiums, but Hillary? She and Bill are getting desperate.

Do people who are all washed up even know that they’re washed up? Just a few years ago, Bill was able to get a cool half-million for a ‘speaking fee’ in Russia. He was ‘in demand’. Or maybe that was Pay-To-Play… that’s a question for law enforcement to figure out.

But now? The music is stopped, and the Clintons have nothing left but each other.

In their 13-stop paid speaking tour, they can’t even GIVE away these tickets. It’s enough to make someone ask…

What Happened?

If the crowds get any smaller, they can thank everyone in attendance… by name.

Just before it opened, tickets to their failed show in Toronto were selling on StubHub for as little as $6.55 Canadian, or Four dollars and ninety-two cents US.

Sitting in front of an empty stadium like that has to crush a few inflated egos.

Now they’re getting desperate to fill seats in those empty stadiums of theirs… as much to save their brand and reputation as any financial consideration.

There’s a Fire Sale on ‘Evening With the Clinton’ Tickets.

Remember Groupon? Is that even ‘still a thing’? Promoters have been reduced to using Groupon to pitch tickets to the events now.

Now the couple is taking drastic action to avoid another embarrassment on the next stop on their An Evening With the Clintons tour.

They have slashed tickets by up to 60 per cent, and even offered them on Groupon, to try and entice more fans to come and listen to them speak.

On the official site, there were still seats for the tour available for up to $325, with other floor seats going for $83 plus a hefty service charge, but on Groupon, they can be picked up for as little as $35.

The tour is currently on a break for the holidays and reconvenes in New York on April 11, 2019, before moving on to nine other cities including DC, Boston, LA and Las Vegas.

For their May 19 show at The Forum in Inglewood, California, – which seats more than 17,000 – tickets usually priced at $77 are now going for $35, with $120 tickets discounted to $50, and $175 seats down to $72.

Despite the site telling customers that ‘tickets are selling fast!’ with ‘limited time remaining,’ it appears that less than 450 discounted tickets have actually been sold

If you hold out until the last minute, you may even be able to get a ticket in exchange for a half-finished pack of gum.

Well, supposing anyone is still willing to pay that much…

Do you think an evening with these two would have any trouble with empty stadiums?

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