Meat Head Sources Maddow In Trump/Russia Tweet – Archie Was Right, He Is An Idiot!

Written by Wes Walker on December 4, 2018

What should we really expect from a looney-tune who’s convinced the ‘pee tapes’ are ‘out there’ somewhere?

Cue the ‘X-Files’ theme, this guy ‘Wants To Believe’ more than Agent Mulder ever did.

But what Meathead — sorry, ‘Rob Reiner’ — really wants to believe is some conspiracy theory about Russian collusion.

Unfortunately for him, he’s more likely to run into Sasquatch playing cards and drinking wine with Hillary Clinton in the woods.

Reiner is convinced that the President’s days are numbered.

Game. Set. Match, right? It’s all over but the crying?

Not exactly.

He’s citing… Rachel Maddow.

We’ve already seen how credible SHE is with her Capone’s Safe moment for Trump’s ‘Tax Return’.

He’s a hammer looking for a nail, and he’s hoping to drive that nail (figuratively, anyway) right between Trump’s eyes. Of course he is, he’s from Hollyweird.

There is only one thing standing between him and his dream of having Trump’s Presidency go down in flames: Reality.

There is NO evidence that Trump has done anything illegal, and if anything, there are far more credible reasons to think Team Hillary had some backroom deals going on with foreign players than you could ever lay at Trump’s feet. Not to mention the as-yet-unexplained unmaskings and surveillance of a Presidential candidate’s inner circle during a General Election.

Did you notice, as well, that every one of the people that Mueller has collected against Trump has ‘lying’ as one of the charges laid against them. And THAT is what he’s hoping to build a case against Trump with?

Don’t pop those corks just yet, meathead. There’s a better chance of dominoes falling on the other side than there is of any investigation taking the President’s scalp.

Feel free to cry yourself to sleep when Mueller winds down and comes up empty. We’ll add your tears to the collection.

Maybe then you can move on to ‘proving’ some other hairbrained idea. Chem trails, maybe. Or alien abductions.

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