Apple’s CEO: It’s a ‘SIN’ Not To Ban People From Platforms

Written by Wes Walker on December 4, 2018

Will he be introducing Heresy trials, too? Or is that too Medieval for his brand of piety?

They are no longer even pretending to be neutral parties. And like most authoritarians whose ends justify the means, they see no hypocrisy in their positions.

Tim Cook, who once called being gay ‘God’s greatest gift’ to him is getting pretty judge-y about OTHER people. Without the help of any objective moral standard. Good thing THAT never ends badly.

No wonder he’s fine with China’s jackboot view of internet censorship… while remaining silent about China’s systematic oppression of religions that might dissent from the Communist Party.

Christians are having churches bulldozed, their leaders arrested. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Muslims are in Chinese Interment camps, being ‘re-educated’ in a way that might have made Stalin proud. But that’s ‘ok’. Because it’s China.

This is the country he’s lockstep with while lecturing the rest of us about ‘sin’. With that as our backdrop, let us continue.

Tim Cook was receiving the Anti-Defamation League’s first-ever ‘Courage Against Hate’ award. And he bragged a little about how ‘Woke’ he was.

We only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division, and violence: You have no place on our platforms,” Cook said. “You have no home here.

He commented on our judgment, our morality, our own sense of right and wrong. Problem is, having certain definitions of right and wrong weaponizes those very judgments (as Osama Bin Laden or China’s treatment of religious minorities reminds us). Back to his speech:

“From the earliest days of iTunes to Apple Music today, we have always prohibited music with a message of white supremacy,” Cook added. “Why? Because it is the right thing to do.”

“As we showed this year, we won’t give a platform to violent conspiracy theorists on the App Store,” Cook continued, referencing Apple’s decision to remove podcasts from Alex Jones from its Podcast app. “We believe the future should belong to those who use technology to build a better, more inclusive, and more hopeful world.”

OK, so Apple has no room for racial hatred and violence? How nice.
Any comment on the lyrics of some of the popular urban music genres and whether violent rhetoric against rival ethnic groups, the police, the glorification of crime, or general objectification and mistreatment of women is similarly scrutinized?

He openly stated that he shares China’s vision of the Internet.

How nice. He loves himself a Police State. But we’re not supposed to be ‘bystanders’ while ‘hate makes its headquarters in the digital world’.

Would he be fine with China’s view of beating homosexual activists, too? Or does he take a stronger stand there?

Students at Wuhan University even received a warning message from their academic advisers, saying that “the LGBT event is held by an illegal organization that may collude with the Western powers” and the students should “watch their words and behaviors.”

“I believe some of the teachers must have been forced to say so,” Kun, a gay student at Wuhan University said. “It sounds ridiculous. I start to think maybe I should move to other countries, some places that are more friendly to us. I love my country, but I don’t know how should I react to this.”

Kun came out to his friends and family after entering college. He refused to give his full name because he was afraid to be recognized by people at the school.
Source: The Diplomat

China is the country, after all, that gave us Tiannemen Square. How did THAT turn out?

The death toll from the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre was at least 10,000 people, killed by a Chinese army unit whose troops were likened to “primitives”, a secret British diplomatic cable alleged.

The newly declassified document, written little more than 24 hours after the massacre, gives a much higher death toll than the most commonly used estimates which only go up to about 3,000.

It also provides horrific detail of the massacre, alleging that wounded female students were bayoneted as they begged for their lives, human remains were “hosed down the drains”, and a mother was shot as she tried to go to the aid of her injured three-year-old daughter.
Source: Independent

Suddenly, his preaching about moral certainty seems a little suspect. His own moral values couldn’t possibly have been compromised by his own financial and political connections to China, could they? He wouldn’t possibly be looking out for number one here, would he?

Critics are saying it’s time that the free ride for Apple, Facebook and some other tech tyrants comes to an end:

In a statement to The Daily Wire, Dhillon said: “Social media companies and their big tech enablers have been fattening themselves at the expense of traditional media and consumers behind the shield of the now-outmoded CDA 230 immunity, which provided a nascent industry with cover to develop — cover that has now allowed them to eclipse their traditional media peers, and which has allowed them to drive many media companies out of business through social media dominance of digital advertising.”

“Apple makes a substantial amount of its revenue as an app platform for applications that enjoy outmoded immunity,” Dhillon continued. “It’s high time that CDA 230 be re-evaluated and adapted to the current market realities, where all media companies should operate under the same rules. Moreover, it is past time for the DOJ’s Antitrust Division to carefully examine the negative impacts of monopoly/duopoly power in certain markets, before social media companies complete their near-total dominance over the digital advertising, online media, and information search markets.”
Source: DailyWire

We tend to agree.

By the way, someone please tell Cook that if you’re going to invoke big ideas like ‘Sin’ or morality, it’s important to be working from some definitions that actually work. Here’s a primer to get him started:

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