NFL Week 15: This Season Proves Defense Isn’t Dead

Published on December 12, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor


Sooo, Defense ISN’T dead after all in the NFL – unless you’re my Patriots, who let a 35-year old Frank Gore average 9 yards per carry last week and special teams castoff Brandon Boldin torch them for a 65-yard TD scamper, not to mention the no-time left debacle that ended in the season’s most embarrassing loss by any team. The Bears bear-hugged the runaway Rams to a standstill, the Seahawks throttled Minnesota’s potent air attack, and we all saw Dallas put the clamps on the Drew Brees Traveling Touchdown Express the week before.

Perhaps balance is returning to the universe once more. Somebody call Clay Matthews and tell him he’s getting those bad calls reversed for Christmas. I was all even at 8-8 last week, and am at 112-77 for the season. Here we go!

Chargers at Chiefs – This is another great Thursday night game, after both powerhouses took care of business Sunday. Short week, but the game won’t be short on excitement with the divisional crown on the line. Tough to call, but I’m going with KC in a squeaker.
Texans at Jets – Texans shoot out the stars on Broadway.
Browns at Broncos – Broncs, only because they are home, and Cleveland hasn’t figured out yet how good they really are. But they’re finding out more each week…
Packers at Bears – Bears need this win, and won’t surrender their den to the Frozen Chosen from GB.
Lions at Bills – Lions feast on road bison.
Bucs at Ravens – Famous Jameis Winston isn’t Patrick Mahomes, and Pittsburgh has left the door open to the division yet again this week. Ravens sink the Jolly Rogers.
Cards at Falcons – A game nobody will watch, as two flightless birds go at it. Go with the better QB. Atlanta defends the nest.
Raiders at Bengals – Raiders historically invade a foreign port by assaulting it with rapid strikes and overwhelming firepower. I see that happening in Cincinnati. Raiders live up to their name this week.
Titans at Giants – The Big Apple hosts battle of the bigs. Go large on the Giants at home.
Dolphins at Vikings – Vikes are desperate to shore up their wild card hopes, so they will beach the Dolphins.
Redskins at Jags – Somehow Jacksonville pulls it together enough to beat the Sisters of the Poor.
Cowboys at Colts – Indy has found another gear and their Luck is back. But Dallas is on a mission. Cowboys saddle the Colts.
Seahawks at Niners – Those feisty Niners are going to find it hard to breathe in their own stadium, when the remake of the Legion of Boom comes to Little Richard Sherman’s sandlot. Squawks rock.
Patriots at Steelers – The Pats always out-scheme the Steelers…but after that Miami Mess, doubts abound. I’m going with history, and that means the Pats. Belichick’s teams bounce back.
Eagles at Rams – The Eagles don’t have Chicago’s defense. Rams roll on.
Saints at Panthers – Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina when the Brees blows…Saints!

Enjoy the games!

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