‘PC BABIES’: South Park Mocks The Whiny Left And It’s D@mn Near PERFECT

Written by Wes Walker on December 17, 2018

South Park, in the tradition true American Satire, goes out of their way to offend the easily offended.

And people today are becoming SO easily offended, they’ve had to invent a new character to beat up over it.

Remember: these are the same guys who wrote their ‘Mohammed’ episode to point out our social double-standards about offending religious groups. Nobody says ‘boo’ about their portrayal of Jesus (or Mormons, or Scientologists, or…) but people are deathly afraid of being labeled ‘Islamophobic’.

Maybe you remember that controversy?

The following episode “201” censored the word “Muhammad” throughout the episode, as well as several lines from the “Super Best Friends” during the final act. According to the South Park Studios webpage, episode “201” was censored by Comedy Central after the studio delivered the episode, but before it was aired.

Meet the ‘PC Babies’.

Watch the full episode here.

Here is a clip of South Park mocking the ‘PC Babies’:

Of course, if a guy DOES order a pussy drink, people are still going to mock him. Because it makes him look silly. But we don’t really care all that much.

But having the PC babies crying over that was a clever way to get the real offenders laughing at… themselves.

Because it’s the kind of petty thing that they get worked up over. And because it seems to be criticizing the ‘other’ team, it’s safe for them to laugh at it.

But the real joke isn’t in the crying… it’s in that last line. It absolutely HAMMERS the Social Justice crowd.

When the bartender does what they want to make them stop crying, we hear the baby-talk encouragement of the PC Babies:

“Who’s making a difference? Who’s the future?”

And doesn’t that PERFECTLY sum up what the Left does? Throw a fit until someone complies to their demands, in the name of ‘making the world a better place’?

Just to pick one recent example, look what they did with Kevin Hart’s invitation to host the Oscars.

Well played, South Park!

Those PC Babies are a perfect metaphor for the perpetually offended… whatever your politics.

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