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The Anti-ICE Dolt Who Climbed The Statue Of Liberty In Protest Will Be Wearing COUNTY ORANGE

Chalk up another victim to that unstoppable Avenatti losing streak… Basta!

Remember that Congolese protester that climbed up the Statue of Liberty to tell us all how much she hated America on Independence Day, Therese Okoumou? She’s the one who parked her sorry ass under the foot of Lady Liberty, forcing law enforcement to evacuate Liberty Island come and drag her down to safety?

She was one of a few dozen protesters from an activist group demanding (among other things) the abolition of ICE? Here’s some footage.

The verdict today for her ‘protest’ has been handed down.

Guilty on all counts.

And did you know she threatened to topple the ladder of the officer whose unfortunate lot it was to rescue the miserable woman?

Gorenstein dismissed Okoumou’s claims that she should be set free because scaling the wall was a protest of President’s Trump’s immigration policies and was an act of conscience.
…The prosecutor pointed out that Okoumou endangered not only herself, but NYPD cops who rescued her and thousands of visitors to the island. One of her rescuers, Detective Brian Glacken of the NYPD’s elite emergency services unit, detailed for the judge what he and his team endured in order to rescue Okomou, saying it was “difficult due to the fact that there were not a lot of places to hold on to or hang on to.” A video showed Glacken leading other rescuers as they carefully made their way along a perilous ledge by the statue’s feet, tethered to ropes at the time. Glacken said of the ropes, “With my weight, it’d probably snap and slow me down for a second before hitting the ground.”

Glacken also informed the judge that the reason he wasn’t standing on the ladder near him was because Okoumou said she would push his ladder down. He said, “I talked to her about my life. I told her I have a wife and she probably wouldn’t be happy to know I was up here right now.”

Michael Avenatti, who served as an advisor to Okoumou, blustered, “The verdict today was not surprising in light of …
Source: DailyWire

Blah, blah, blah… You already know the rest.

It’ the typical Avenatti posturing… Trump is the personification of evil, we are the righteous defenders of the realm… blah blah blah.

Therese will be getting to know law enforcement a LOT better over the next, what? Up to eighteen months?

Speaking of… what’s the score at now? Something like Trump: 4, Avenatti: 0?

Avenatti is a regular good luck charm… for the people he wants to destroy.

Maybe he’s just ‘THAT’ incompetent. Try as he might, he just can’t lay a glove on Trump.

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Wes Walker

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