WATCH: 3 Blondes Sing Pro-Border Wall Tune – You’ll NEVER See This On CNN

Written by Wes Walker on December 17, 2018

It’s a helluva way to get their point across.

And what a point it is. They call themselves the Deplorable Choir.

It’s a message so simple, you’d have to be a Democrat or Media flunkie (sorry about the redundancy) not to understand it.

“Brick by brick it don’t mean hate, it means come here in a legal way”

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(Is that really so hard to understand? Only if you WANT it to be, right?)

What’s driving these ladies’ desire for seeing that wall built? They come right up and tell us. It’s something no politician gave a tinker’s damn about until Trump stood up and made an issue of ‘Angel moms’.

Americans needlessly killed by people who had no right to be here in the first place.

Putting flowers on their graves…

We the people are sick of this sh-t… we’re gonna build it brick by brick.

Not only will the message ‘trigger’ the open borders leftists… but so will the fact that they’re singing it.

They’re not just “singing a song” hoping to change the world, either.

Since Congress is sitting on their damned hands and refusing to fund it… citizens are taking direct action to fund it themselves.

Brick by brick.

Funding the US Border Wall
$138,727 of $450 million raised

It’s a start. You can help. Here’s their website:

We want a ‘Big Beautiful Wall’… and so does Trump. Let’s get this done!

Speaking of Trump, and the MAGA agenda, check this out:

It’s all the energy and the optimism of the 1980s recaptured for a new generation and the 80s were awesome!

Music was kick-ass. Movies were fun. The sky was the limit under the Reagan economy. There was a spirit of energy and optimism that’s difficult to describe to anyone who wasn’t part of it.

Eventually, it all petered out and faded into memory. Then Trump came along, cranked up the tunes and got America Rocking again!

He plowed through the endless #Resistance and has put the nation Back on Track.

If you want to celebrate the MAGA movement with a copy of this art for your wall, there are a variety of sizes and price points for you to choose from.

Trump’s been hard at work Putting America First and Making America Great Again.

And he’s having a helluva time while he’s doing it. Energy, Optimism and a belief that America — and her people — really ARE great!

It’s what we should EXPECT of our leaders, isn’t it? Here’s a painting depicting EXACTLY why we WILL see “Four More Years”.

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