WATCH: Google’s Boss Tries To Explain Why Trump Pops Up When One Googles The Word ‘IDIOT’

Published on December 12, 2018

Every day it seems Tech giants are under fire for yet another example of using their influence for political aims. Do you accept this ‘innocent’ explanation or no?

There’s no question that Silicon Valley skews heavily to the Left. Even Zuckerberg admitted as much when he sat before Congress.

Google is no exception.

We’ve seen leaked footage of Google employees having a cry-session during a business meeting right after their beloved Hillary lost.

If you missed it, you can find it here: LEAKED VIDEO: Google Co-Founder Calls Trump Voters ‘Fascists’ Vows To Thwart Trump

Yeah, if the goal is to seem politically ‘impartial’, you’re doing it wrong.

Is there any wonder that even Democrats were raising some skeptical questions about their objectivity:

Do you buy it?

Let’s have a look at some of the other reasons Google has found its way into the news cycle:

They fired an employee for not sharing the ‘woke’ opinions of management. (Remember the firing of James Damore? And do you remember the complicit media that made excused for it?)

What about all this talk about ‘impacting an election’ that we’ve seen lately. Has there been any talk about inherent bias in Google rankings? After all, the EU slapped them with a $2.7 Billion judgment in 2017 for preferring their own content against that of others. And they lost another judgment of $5 Billion in 2018 for dubious business practices forcing Android users to use their apps.

But they want us to trust them not to abuse their political influence.

Even before the election, people noticed a leftward Google bias compared to :
BROWSER BIAS: This Explains Why GOOGLE Seems So Damned Political

We’ve seen Youtube demonetize or restrict videos with Conservative ideas, no matter how benign the content. (PragerU for instance, sued over it. They a Restricted setting to prevent videos from being seen in libraries or classrooms.)

And here was a Top Google Exec weighing in after Kavanaugh was elevated to the Supreme Court.

Top Google Exec To Trump Supporters, ‘F*** You All To Hell’

So, it’s somehow just a coincidence that the bias of the algorithm just HAPPENS to match the admitted biases of Silicon Valley?

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