WATCH: Teacher Goes Bonkers – Starts Cutting Student’s Hair While Screaming Nat’l Anthem

Written by Wes Walker on December 10, 2018

This teacher’s bail is set at $100,000 and she could face more than three years behind bars.

Maybe she’ll use Hillary’s ‘I short-circuited’ defense.

Because if you watch this video, it’s not hard to believe that SOMETHING has gone very, VERY wrong with her wiring.

The charges Gieszinger now faces include cruelty to a child, assault, and false imprisonment.

Margaret Gieszinger, a 52-year-old science and chemistry teacher, was arrested on Wednesday after video posted online showed her cutting the hair of a student she seated in a chair at the front a class at University Preparatory High School in California.

Ms Gieszinger is heard belting out the Star Spangled Banner while cutting the boy’s hair and tossing chunks behind her.

Holding the scissors above her head, Ms Gieszinger then yells out “next, I’m not done”, and grabs at a girl’s long hair, prompting the students in the room to flee outside.
Source: ABC

Here’s the news report discussing some of the particulars:

Her credentials were also suspended for two weeks in 2017 but the commission does not list a reason.

Mr Herman said Ms Gieszinger “will not return to her classroom”, but would not say whether she was fired.
Source: ABC