Belgian BANS Muslim Laws For Slaughtering Animals Prior To Processing

Written by Wes Walker on January 7, 2019

When animal rights laws and cultural sensitivity laws come into conflict, which would you side with?

In Belgium, they’re going with animal rights.

Sorry, Achmed, there’ll be no local farm-fresh Halal meat for you in Flanders, Belguim.

The rules say no Kosher, either.

Both the Muslim halal and Jewish kosher rituals require that butchers slaughter the animal by slitting its throat and draining the blood.

Under the new law, animals will have to be stunned electrically before being killed, which most animal rights campaigners say is more humane than the halal and kosher rituals.

Belgium’s Muslim and Jewish communities have expressed their opposition to the law, saying halal and kosher requires the animal to be in ‘perfect health’ when its throat is cut – which would rule out stunning the animal first.
Source: DailyMail

It’s hard to say whether electrical stunning would have been OK under Kosher law, seeing how it was codified a few thousand years before we figured out how to harness electricity.

Electrical stunning wasn’t exactly an option on the table at the time.

Islam, came later — in the 7th Century — but it, too, predated the mastery of electricity.

Of course, some are calling this latest restriction ‘Islamophobic’. Others are saying it’s an improvement in reducing the needless suffering of animals in an abattoir.

It just means you’ll have to buy meat that’s been processed elsewhere. It’s really not such a big deal in a global marketplace.

Is it?

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