ClashPoll: This State Considers BANNING Trans Students From Competing Against Opposite Sex – Do YOU Agree?

Written by K. Walker on January 17, 2019

Is this a fantastic solution to what many athletes see as a problem or does it open up a big ol’ can of worms?

Two Republican lawmakers in South Dakota have introduced a bill that would toss out a 2015 South Dakota High School Activities Association policy that allows transgender high school athletes to join teams of the gender that they assumed instead of their biological sex. Sen. Jim Bolin (R-Canton) and Rep. Brunner (R-Nisland) put forward the bill on Monday. It should be noted that Sen. Bolin had served as the Athletic Director for Canton Public Schools from 1996-2007.

Bolin, the former athletic director in Canton, said “fair competition” is the reason he introduced it. Bolin said he’s seeking to “bring the policy of Texas to South Dakota” — Texas’ University Interscholastic League requires that students participate on sports teams that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

“I believe the activities association is a very good group, but I think they made a bad decision when they implemented this policy four, five years ago,” Bolin said. “We have sports that are set up — boys go over 39-inch hurdles in 110 meters and girls have to clear 33-inch hurdles in 100-meter hurdles. We have a smaller ball for girls basketball than we do for boys basketball. If we’re going to have these modifications, then my point is that the birth certificate should be the determining factor in which team you play on. It’s all about fair competition.”

Source: The Argus Leader

Sen. Bolin reiterated that the policy is all about fair competition.

“I just firmly believe that those who are males should play in sports designated for males and those who are females … should play in sports designated for females, according to your birth certificate,” Bolin said. “It’s about fair competition, and we’re not breaking any new ground.”

Source: USA News and World REport

The issue of where transgender athletes fit in sport is a tricky one.

In June, two transgender runners absolutely smoked the girls competing in Connecticut’s State Open Track tournament. Andraya Yearwood placed second and Terry Miller won setting records in both the 100m and the 200m dash.

Seems cut and dry, right?

Not so fast…

Mack Beggs is a transgender wrestler who was born a girl and is transitioning to become male. The rules in Texas that South Dakota wants to emulate have forced Beggs to wrestle against girls despite taking testosterone as part of the transition from she to he. Beggs actually wants to wrestle against the boys but is not permitted to. As ClashDaiy has previously reported, Beggs has won two state championship titles after two undefeated seasons.

So, what the heck are we to do?

Let’s see what Zack Ford over at Think Progress says about the proposed bill:

The bill would specifically replace that accommodation with a policy that erases transgender people entirely. “For purposes of participation in athletics sanctioned by the association, the sole determinant of a student’s sexual identity is the sexual identity noted on the student’s certificate of birth,” the bill states. If that information is not available, the student’s sex will be determined by a health care professional during the student’s physical examination.

The proposed policy closely mirrors the language proposed by the Trump administration as a uniform policy of transgender erasure across the federal government. Just as the South Dakota bill would rely on a physical, the administration wants to define people’s sex according to “the genitals that a person is born with,” subject to genetic testing.

Source: think Progress

Ford claims that the bill is part of a policy that aims to ‘erase transgender people entirely’. Ummm… no. This is about biological men competing against biological women in sport. It’s actually about fair competition. If it’s about the erasure of anything, it’s is about the erasure of women’s sport.

What, does equality not matter anymore?

We are left with a few options:

  1. Allow transgender females to compete against biological females. That’s what happened at the track meet in Connecticut and that isn’t fair to the girls that are competing.
  2. Joining sports teams that align with your biological gender as stated on your birth certificate. But we’ve seen that that could be a problem like it is with Mack Beggs.
  3. One single category of competition where women are essentially eliminated from all sports competition. (See Option 1.)
  4. Having new categories of competition — Male, Female, and Trans; or BioMale, BioFemale, TransMale, and TransFemale.
  5. Have Biological Female only competition, and everyone else — Biological males, transgender males receiving testosterone (like Beggs), and transgender females (like Miller and Yearwood) all compete together. Essentially, an ‘If You Are, Ever Have Been, or Aspire To Be Male’ category.

This whole situation isn’t easy.

Watch Joe Rogan, a reasonable liberal, who is open about how pro-transgender he is, speaks about the controversy he faced when he said that Fallon Fox was a ‘f**king man’. (LANGUAGE WARNING)

So, what do you think of the proposed bill in South Dakota?

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