CNN Dolt Asks, “Does It Matter If All Taxpayers Pay For Karen Pence’s Security?’

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2019

For all their talk about bigotry, the Media(D) themselves sure have ample supply.

Everyone is a racist — except their hosts. And Pence is just laying in wait to rain terror on every gay guy and chick between here and Schenectady. Or that’s what you might think if you believe what the news tells us.

But the real bigots are the Media themselves.

There was something of an uproar when it came to light that Karen Pence is teaching Art in a Christian school with the same beliefs on sex and marriage the Church has had for (literally) millennia.

The Anti-Christian bigots came out in force, dressing their outrage as being ‘defenders’ of LGBT issues.

Now talking heads on CNN are taking that further still.

Not only are we seeing Democrat legislators having to be reigned in for questioning the personal religious faith of appointees by passing a resolution affirming behavior like this is unconstitutional:

On Dec. 5, Senators Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised concerns about membership in the Knights of Columbus while the Senate Judiciary Committee reviewed the candidacy of Brian C. Buescher, an Omaha-based lawyer nominated by President Trump to sit on the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska.

In her questions to Buescher, Hirono said that the Knights have “taken a number of extreme positions.” Harris used her questions to label the organization as “opposed a woman’s right to choose” and against “marriage equality,” and suggested that Buescher could be unable to give a fair hearing to cases on these issues.
Source: CatholicNewsAgency

Not to be outdone, the media itself hates not only faith but the moral views that faith espouses.

Imagine someone from the press saying anything about this for a Democrat wife supporting some sketchy leftist cause.

CNN’s John King asked his panel if second lady Karen Pence should receive her taxpayer-provided accommodations, like housing and Secret Service protection, after deciding to work as a part-time art teacher at a Christian school.

Karen Pence announced earlier this week that she will be teaching at Immanuel Christian School, a K-8 Christian school in Springfield, Virginia.

Backlash ensued because the school adheres to Christian teachings. They reserve the right to refuse applicants or expel students who engage in homosexual or transgendered behavior, or otherwise violate “the moral principles of the school.”
Source: DailyCaller

There was a public outcry about how outrageous and judgey it is for the wife of a VP to work in a school with traditional views of sex and marriage.

In our Brave New World, it’s wrong for people of faith to call extramarital sex ‘sin’. But it’s ‘WOKE’ or ‘Courageous’ or possibly ‘fierce’ to call the denunciation of that same sexual practice ‘sin’.

But God help anyone wanting to discuss the unpleasant CONSEQUENCES or negative outcomes of the libertine’s lifestyle. (For

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