Dear CNN: Dems Nix Proposal To Block Raises For Federal Employees Guilty Of Sexual Misconduct — Is That News?

Written by K. Walker on January 31, 2019

Now that the Kavanaugh hearing is over, the Democrats have reverted to their default position on sexual assault — a mumbled, ‘Meh.

Admittedly, both sides of the political aisle have had their share of sex scandals.

But, from JFK seducing a 19-year-old virgin in his wife’s bedroom to Bill using Monica as his own personal humidor, Democrats have seemed to corner the market on the salacious details.

So, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that they wouldn’t back a bill that included a provision that would bar federal employees that had been disciplined for sexual misconduct from receiving the same raise as their colleagues. Republicans had added in the measure to legislation proposed by Democrats to increase the salary of federal workers by 2.6 percent.

The wording of the proposal was simple enough:

During calendar year 2019, no increase in pay as authorized under this Act may be provided to any Federal employee who has been disciplined for sexual misconduct under chapter 75 of title 5, United States Code, or any other provision of law.

You’d think that the champions of #MeToo and #TimesUp, and who made a big hullaballoo in October when Brett Kavanaugh was accused of everything from throwing ice to running a gang rape ring, would be all for the provision. But, no.

How far the Democrats have fallen, eh, Speaker Pelosi?

I guess the symbolic gestures like wearing the same color clothes, donning lapel pins, and hashtag ‘slactivism’ are all morally superior to actually putting a negative consequence for bad behavior into law.

But hey, they believe survivors! Just ask Professor Christine Blasey Ford who they dumped like a hot potato right after Justice Kavanaugh was sworn in.

Democrats, they stand with women. Look at how many angry hashtagged tweets they have about America being unsafe for women, and how Maizie Hirono(D-HI) made an utter fool of herself during the Kavanaugh confirmation process and fundraised off of it. Lest we forget that the Democrats take their stand against predatory men by calling out the President for his alleged consensual, transactional sex with a porn star, and his braggadocious comment to Billy Bush in 2005, ‘when you’re a star [women] let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the p***y.‘ It’s an interesting choice, really.

I guess you can’t blame them for their hypocrisy. After all, this would hit probably their chamber pretty hard since the federal government paid $17 million to settle sexual harassment claims by members of Congress with zero details available to taxpayers.

As if to prove this point, the vote was chaired by Rep. Tony Cardenas(D-CA) who faces accusations of drugging and fondling a girl when she was 16 years old. 

LOS ANGELES — A young woman who alleges Rep. Tony Cardenas drugged and fondled her when she was 16 years old in 2007 — when Cardenas was a Los Angeles Councilman — won a round in court Thursday when a judge ruled she can amend her complaint to add new facts and an allegation of negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News

Yes, kiddies, that did indeed say ‘Councilman’. That means that after he allegedly drugged and fondled a teenager, (who is under the age of consent in California, by the way,) Rep. Cardenas was elected to Congress. Oh, is this the first time that you’re hearing about it? #MeToo.

So, why would Democrats not stand with survivors? Well, my best guess is that there are two main reasons.

1. Conservatives put it forward, so therefore it’s a bad idea. They’ve decided to stand with sexual harassers to ‘own the cons.’ Great work there, Dems.

2. This might be an issue of siding with unions over victims. Imagine the stink that unions would raise if you were ‘discriminating’ against a longtime employee for the simple reason that he/she was sexually harassing a co-worker. How unfair! The Dems know that unions donate to the party on the left, and the victims, well, they could be Republicans for all they know. Best to hedge your bets.

Rep. Mike Johnson(R-LA), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, made his thoughts pretty clear on the result.

“Today, House Democrats voted to reward individuals who have engaged in sexual misconduct with a pay raise,” Johnson said in a statement. “Thanks to their votes, those who have been disciplined for these behaviors will be given the same, across-the-board pay increase that their victims receive.”

Johnson accused the Democrats of rejecting a “commonsense solution” just because it came from the other side.

“Unfortunately, this legislation passed the House for no other reason than that the majority party could not stomach a commonsense solution offered by the minority,” he said. “We are appalled that this is what ‘governing’ has come to in our country. The American people deserve much better than this.”

SOurce: Washington Free Beacon

So, it looks like female federal employees should get their hands on this little tome and study the hell out of it.

Here’s a badass book on how to be a Warrior Chick by Regis Giles — daughter of our very own Doug Giles:

From the book:

Do I want this to be happening? Why is his hand on my waist? Is he really fondling my breasts? What do I do? Why is he in a bathrobe? Why is he taking off the bathrobe? God, I need to get out of here! I thought this was going to be professional.

No one, unless they’ve been in the same situation, can ever really understand the stress and self-doubt one goes through when sexual harassment occurs.

Regis Giles’ new book will teach you how to escape the world of #MeToo victim and become the #WarriorChick you were meant to be!


Think Miss Giles knows a thing or two about taking care of herself? You’d better believe it.

She and her sister Hannah were the very first two female Valente Bros black Belts. That’s a feather in your cap, for sure.

She’s got a website ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Guns‘ and she had it LONG before it was ‘trendy’ to talk about #MeToo.

She’s also a world-class huntress.

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