‘Dear Madam Speaker’: Trump Dunks On Pelosi, Leaves Her Looking Like A Chump

Written by Wes Walker on January 18, 2019

Did nobody tell Nancy to ‘be careful that your words are sweet, you just might have to eat them’? Because that’s what’s happening now.

What a difference a day makes.

At one point, the Media(D) is cheering Nancy for ‘flexing’ her constitutional muscle by telling Trump she wouldn’t invite him to present the SOTU speech.

They even used words like ‘badass’ in their fawning coverage of it.

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Her rationale was that during a Shutdown, we couldn’t have the necessary security to protect all the parties present.

That was an outright lie, even those who provide their security said so. But she stands firm — with her rationale ‘evolving’ — in her stubborn insistence that Trump should not get to deliver one of his devastatingly effective SOTU addresses while the #resistance sits with their arms crossed and angry at every pro-America cheering moment.

She does NOT want another awkward ‘fumbling with her teeth’ moment again this year. All the world knows she’s being petty and trying to embarrass the President.

That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, she and some of her Democratic buddies were on a bus taking them to hop a plane and go abroad for a week. (CODEL — Abbreviation of congressional delegation., government-paid trips abroad, designed to give lawmakers first-hand knowledge of matters relevant to their legislation.)

Destinations included Brussels, Afghanistan, and possibly Egypt (this destination is in dispute).

So soon after her speech about ‘security’ and ‘furlough’ she, some Democrats and their security were getting ready to load onto a military flight. They thought they were on their way to Europe.

Things changed when the letter featured in this glorious tweet arrived:

If Opening the Government is such a huge priority, and security forces are so very inconvenienced during the shutdown, surely paying tax dollars for hotel and travel expenses, while expecting security to guard you when legislators SHOULD be canceling their travel plans and staying close to home so that some kind of a resolution might be hammered out. Right?

She flexed her legitimate right. And so did Trump. But Trump did something better still — he brought to the world’s attention that Pelosi and Co were getting ready to skip town for a week.

Just after skipping town to Perto Rico to hang out with 109 lobbyists. Just after vacationing in Hawaii over the Christmas break.

Where was the President all this time? In DC. He scrubbed his plans to speak at Davos. That’s because he has a greater responsibility at home — a responsibility he is taking seriously. Pelosi? Well, judging by HER travel schedule, not so much.

And how’s this for a ‘throwback Thursday’ Nancy?

How has she respected the Taxpayer in her careful use of CODELS?

Has anything changed since then?

Not that we can tell…

They were taking spouses? To a war zone? Is that even permitted?

They had a hard time saving face after that.

Meanwhile, Trump’s waiting in DC. Ready to sign legislation to fund that wall and fully open the government.

We The People wanted a ‘new sheriff’ in town to change the direction the nation was taking and put the DC swamp rats in their place. So we elected one.

He’s made some solid progress already. Massively cutting Red Tape, and cutting taxes was a good start. Breaking the back of ISIS and bringing our trade partners to the table, was good too.

But there’s still plenty of work to be done in setting things straight in Washington.

And Trump is exactly the right guy for the job.


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