Dems Were For Border Security Once Upon A Time

Written by Bill Martinez on January 11, 2019

True and effective leadership has a plan and a Mission which understands the difference between where you are, to where you need to go and champions the cause to get you there.

POTUS clearly laid out the problem and start of a solution to Border Security. The Democratic leadership offered little of any solution or ideas to this crisis that extends from our southern border to every state of the union that has experienced the death of one of its citizens at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

This crisis, which has been ignored for decades, is now impacting our immigration laws, promoted the influx of drugs and gangs into our country, sex trafficking, and untold murders. This is what I would describe as immoral. We the People have allowed for this blatant ignorance and increasing state policies that support sanctuaries for law-breaking individuals and families. This is an anathema to common sense.

People have suggested that Pelosi and Schumer are being held hostage by the radical wing of their party. No, Leader Pelosi is being held hostage by her own words and ideology to bring down a legitimately elected President. History has demonstrated what happens to leaders who buckle to false promises from Democrats. Reagan and Bush most recently compromised only to realize like Lucy, the Dems once again have taken away the football.

Lindsey Graham during the Kavanaugh hearings called out Dems for their lust for power and their blind ambition to suspend all values and morality to gain power and be in control. It’s not enough that they get to go to the American people each voting cycle, present their ideas and solutions for their vote.

Truth is they lack confidence and respect for the American people to decide for themselves, so they design “insurance” to make sure, just in case the people make a stupid decision. After all, they are the ruling elites and are entitled. We just have to shut up and surrender our freedoms, stay in the dark and live like mushrooms as they say.

They have managed under the previous administration to weaponize our government agencies to compel Main Street America. Our freedoms continue to be eroded. The Election process is being rigged with impunity. Just ask Bernie Sanders for one. I have maintained that the Russian collusion and interference is a misdirect for the domestic interference that has been ever increasing for decades. Ann Coulter recently cited that because of the pervasive and increasing voter fraud, Donald Trump could very well be the last Republican ever elected President.

And then speaking of Russian collusion are you surprised that Democrats were caught red-handed as reported by The Washington Post, using the same Russian interference tactics for the Alabama Jones/Moore election? As then majority senate leader Harry Reed said, “Well he didn’t get elected did he?” So what if it’s a lie, it worked, right?

In the Democrats world, The Elites, Deep State, the undeclared unelected shadow government, all is fair in love, war, and politics when the ends justify any means. Welcome to 21stCentury America. And you wonder why chaos reigns?