Hey Texas: You Have 95,000 Non-Citizens Registered To Vote… Are You Cool With That?

Written by Wes Walker on January 26, 2019

Hey ‘Putin Election Alarmists’, could 58000 illegal votes cast in ONE state qualify as a bigger threat to Democracy than a few stupid Facebook Ads?

For years now, the Left has paraded around in their Spandex suit and cape, pretending to be the great defenders of the Democratic process, protecting us all from the scourge of Vladimir Putin.

Our ‘minders’ in the Media(D) tilt at windmills claiming to have defeated giants yet embrace real threats to the democratic process.

Let’s recap some of what HAS been occupying the Media’s imagination as a reference point for the silence we can expect about tens of thousands of illegal votes cast, and even more registered in just ONE state.

The left just sided WITH Russia and Iran against the good people of Venezuela who are sick and tired of their thuggish bus-driver-turned-dictator destroying the country and killing unarmed protesters.

The Left thinks that a Russian Facebook campaign that promoted events for both Trump and Hillary was devastating election tampering… but don’t bat an eye when leftist speak frankly about having no objection to non-citizens voting in America.

ClashDaily has made a case for why the left’s Open Border policy amount to defacto voter disenfranchisement — due to its cascading impact on the census and the Electoral College.

The Left’s Media (D) barely made a ripple when Democrats got busted using social media disinformation campaigns… “Liberal billionaire apologizes for funding ‘false flag’ effort to link Kremlin to Republican in Alabama Senate race” but somehow still can’t stop talking about what they think REALLY happened at a “THE” Trump Tower meeting.

An evaluation by the Texas Secretary of State’s office discovered that about 95,000 people identified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voting registration record. The state claims 58,000 of those people voted in one or more state elections over 22 years.

For perspective, during the 2018 Gubernatorial election, more than 15.7 million people were registered to vote, and more than 8.3 million actually voted.

In an advisory released Friday, the Texas Secretary of State, David Whitley, announced the findings from its voter registration maintenance activities.

The maintenance activity was done in accordance with federal and state law to ensure that only qualified voters — who must first and foremost be U.S. citizens — are registered to vote in Texas elections, per the Secretary of State.

The Texas Secretary of State cannot investigate or prosecute illegal activity so he turned the information over to the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Voting without eligibility is a second-degree felony in Texas.

“My Election Fraud Unit stands ready to investigate and prosecute crimes against the democratic process when needed,” wrote Attorney General Ken Paxton in a statement.

CIvil rights groups and Mexican-American lawmakers were instantly suspicious of the numbers released.
Source: KXAN

Of course, there’s no reason to suspect any election fraud, is there?

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With all those fake voters floating around in Texas, Team Beto was busted for using campaign money to help bring in more.

Or any of the dozens of other stories about dubious election practices ClashDaily has been shining a light on.

But, please, tell us more about the dire Existential Threat America’s electoral process faces from those Macedonian Content Farmers.

That’s the real problem we’re facing.